How To Update, Upgrade And Decorate A Plain Hallway



Have a plain hallway? Well most people do, however they don’t have to be plain and boring. With a few simple touches you can update and decorate that plain space to look amazing. Here are a few tips to give personality to a small space….



Wall Treatment



It’s something many don’t think about, but dressing up your walls is actually a simple way to add some drama to a hall. You can add bead board, a variety of trim and even wallpaper. We decided to add some low cost trim pieces to give a board and batten vibe. I still wanted the texture and casual feel , so opted to not add smooth boards to the walls. However, if you wanted a more formal feel that would be another addition. 




I added hooks for additional texture and function. This would also work in a mudroom for more storage and coat hanging space. Or, use it as additional decor opportunity.


Unique Gallery Wall



Hallways make great spaces for gallery walls. I always remember walking down the hall at my grandmothers house where she had so many wonderful family photos hanging. It was so special to see them and learn about our family history just walking the halls of their home. I love to do the same in our home. In this particular space I printed photos from my home of our favorite places we’ve visited. Instead of framing them the traditional way, I had them printed on canvas then hung an empty frame around them. I love the unexpected vibe it gives the empty wall space. 




Add Greenery and Florals



Hang wreaths or arrangements in unexpected places like a bathroom door or hooks from the wall. Greenery always adds a touch of nature and soft pop of color. This boxwood greenery wreath is perfect to use year round and gives just the right amount of color.


Dress Up The Doors And Floors


Traditional doors are great but I made ours pop and a little “extra” by painting them black. I used the color Mopboard black by Benjamin Moore and it’s amazing the depth that it added to this small area.

Area rugs with colors and textures give more character and a design element to any small area. They also complete the entire look and add a touch of coziness.




It really doesn’t take much to update a small space like a hallway. I think adding character to areas like this gives your home that extra touch and more custom vibe. You can check out these posts on how we created this look How To Update A Boring Hallway With Board And Batten & A Gallery Wall, How To Create A Simple Gallery Wall

July 12, 2022

  1. Thin paint says:

    Awesome decoration. It is decent idea and love the gallery wall. Can i use paint sprayers to upgrade walls and doors?

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    It is a very good decoration. I am glad to visit this site. It is very useful for me, thank you so much.

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