Functional and Pretty Details To Dress Up Your Laundry Room



“I love doing laundry every day” said no one ever (well most people anyway) However, having a pretty laundry room that functions efficiently definitely makes it more enjoyable. I’ve never really had a laundry room I could do much with, but I’ve always managed to make it as pretty as possible and functional too. Here are a few of my tips to make that chore a little less daunting.





Create a space in your favorite style and color scheme. Whether its bright and colorful or neutral and classic, create whatever style makes you happy. I love crisp black and white so I painted the cabinets, and added a cheerful wallpaper to give some character to the room.



Functional Details

Adding a wall drying rack gave me the option to hang clothes to dry without taking up limited floor space. I love this one here because it takes up minimal space but works out great for our needs. Adding more storage using trays and baskets adds texture and gives more opportunity to hide and store frequently used items.



Unique containers


I love to hide the not so pretty things and find creative ways to disguise it. These cute baskets and jars are perfect for storing dryer sheets and dryer balls along with clothes pins. I also added laps to give more light. This fun fillable lamp looks perfect with some extra clothes pins displayed in it.





I also love these extra large glass jugs to hold all the laundry supplies like detergent, bleach, vinegar etc. Using the same jars not only makes it look prettier, but it helps items fit more easily and consistently in the cabinets. Turntables are great to hold bottles and will store more items and make them easily accessible.



I also love to use pretty labels on the containers. It makes everything look more organized and cohesive in the space. I can also find what I need easily as well. These pretty wooden scoops make measuring easy and pretty.



To add warmth in the room I used baskets for storing items and to give a bit of texture to the shelves.




It really doesn’t take much to create a pretty laundry space. It also doesn’t need to be a huge room. Using consistent colors and containers can actually make the room feel less cluttered. It can also give the appearance of a larger space making it more cohesive.

Once you get all the containers, it’s also easier to keep track of what you need to replace. I also cut the instructions off the boxes and bottles and keep them together in the cabinet. That way I can refer to usage instructions when needed. For more inspo on laundry rooms and how we updated ours you can check out this post How To Refresh A Laundry Room.

I hope that inspired you a little and gave you some inspiration to create a laundry room that makes you smile. 





Happy Decorating

July 7, 2022


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