How To Refresh And Update An Old Garage



Im so excited to finally share our garage update and how we took this space from dingy to fab. Besides the kitchen, our garages get some of the most use in our home. However, they are usually the. most neglected. Our goal was to make it not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. It was a big undertaking but so worth the work.


Step 1

Clean and purge, then purge some more. We really went through everything getting rid of items we no longer need, use or that was broken and unusable. It was surprising how much junk had collected and what space had been wasted holding unneeded items. Some items were given away, some were placed or stored in other areas of the home and some was just thrown away.









Step 2

Once we had an idea of what was left we were able to better visualize what spaces we needed to store the items in our garage. We are lucky to have such wonderful storage cabinets to work with and then for the other area, we set up the space into sections such as workout corner, yard tools, shoe station etc. One day I’m hoping to have a dog shower placed in the back left area next to the door.




We also realized that the metal support pole in the middle of the garage was not doing its job and the ceiling was bowing. It was also such a pain to work around and park the cars (I had a few unfortunate dings in my car from hitting them!-UGHH) We weren’t expecting to have that issue so it was an expense we hadn’t anticipated or extra amount of work.



Step 3

We also cleaned out all the cabinets and shelves in the tool area and it really cleared up space and gave us so much more area to work with.



Once the area was cleaned up, I decided to paint the entire space to give a more dramatic, clean look. You can see the new wood beam in the center ceiling and I thought it would be perfect painted black to give a pop of drama.



Step 4

Once the beam was complete, we added insulation and drywall to finish out the garage. You can see it is already looking cleaner and more finished.



Then it was time to paint. I wanted a fresh bright white to make the whole area look bigger and brighter. 



Step 5

The flooring was the final wow factor to the project. We partnered with Haven Floors and installed these wonderful high performance LifeTiles. They are safe, durable and very easy to maintain. They gave the whole space the most amazing vibe and wow are they pretty. You can find the LifeTiles at



Then we finished things off with some trim 






The floors are durable and you can even park your car on top of it. 



Step 6

Finally we added some wall tool storage at the workbench and for the yard tools. We love knowing that everything has a place, no space is wasted and we can find what we need easily. It’s also very comforting to know that it looks nice when you pull in.






We also love our little gym corner and still plan to add a few more components to this area.



Isn’t it so amazing how different it looks? I just love pulling up in my garage and feeling the comfort of this welcoming space.



I also painted the old rusty fridge with chalk paint and it turned out so fun (and looks much better)



This project was a ton of work but one of the most satisfying because of the improvement of function, and it looks so much more inviting. Finishing off this space and making improvements to them decreases so much daily anxiety for me. While the process may be stressful, the end result is totally worth it.

Another project that I love is our recent bathroom update and you can read all about it here How To Update A Bathroom On A Budget


Happy Decorating


July 28, 2022

  1. Anna K Gordon says:

    This looks amazing! Adding this to our DIY list!

  2. Pam says:

    Wow !! This looks sooo great and organized.. love it all.. great transformation.. I know this was lots of work but it looks totally amazing and very user friendly!!😍🙌

  3. Sophia Decock says:

    Such a quick read. Thanks for sharing. Blogs like yours and are such a help for people like me who are renovating their garage and need flooring options.

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