How To Refresh A Laundry Room


I’m just a girl standing in front of her laundry ask it to fold itself?…Think it will work? If anything at least the laundry room is refreshed and feels like a happy place to be. Not that it was bad before but I was ready for a little change and update. I never was happy with the color I chose to paint the cabinets, and the wallpaper was ruined from a project we removed from the wall. So, come see what I did to create this pretty new space

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh a space. Honestly paint can do most of the work. I really wanted a more crisp, clean and sophisticated feel in this space and black and white is always my go to for that.

Here’s what the space looked like when we bought it (sorry the photos are grainy but it’s all I had) The room was a golden flat color and the cabinets were dingy white, totally boring…





And here is how I fixed it up when we first moved in-It was a really country farmhouse feel. The buffalo check was really cute but once we removed the wrapping paper panel, it had a million holes in it-OOps!



Also, I never was really happy with the color I ended up using on the cabinets. It was just really boring and blah and too taupe against the gray check







So the first thing I did was remove the old paper and replaced it with this cute black and white paper called Wildflowers by Magnolia Home Joanna Gaines collection. The check paper was just a peel and stick  so it came off pretty easily.













Then I painted all cabinets in Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black satin finish. I absolutely love the effect it gave to the room. Somehow it just already felt cleaner. The counters were also covered with the same marble contact film I used in my kitchen.



Then I decided to add some more character to the sink area so I applied a peel and stick faux subway tile and I’m so in love with the effect it gives the whole space. It was so easy to peel off the back and just stick it to the wall matching up the tiles and filling up the space.







To give a little bit more character and a pop of black I added the lightless gooesneck light. It doesn’t need to be hardwired, you just hang it with the bracket it comes with, then add the Velcro, battery operated hockey puck lights. It puts off a soft light and just adds the perfect ambiance to the room




This whole project only took me about a week including the tear out time.  I already had the paint and the wallpaper was gifted from D. Marie Interiors. The subway tile was very affordable as well as the light. All sources are linked at the end of this post.




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Such a simple and fun way to update a small space and give it a little new life. Do you have any spaces in your home that need a little update or personality? I’d love to hear your thoughts and what your favorite change is… I think mine is the wallpaper.


Happy Decorating

February 25, 2020

  1. Laura Kellogg says:

    Turned out so pretty! Love it 😍

  2. Looks beautiful ….Also looked pretty before too!!!! Great job as usual 😍

    • says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Thanks so much for the kind feedback and following along, Really appreciate it!

  3. Looks beautiful …😍

  4. Terrie says:

    Looks so pretty Deborah. Love the wall print and the black and white fits your home nicely. Love it!

  5. I love the new laundry room look. I’d love doing laundry in there now!

    I was really considering the peel-n-stick tiles. We have the same texture on our walls. Did you have to do anything extra to get them to stick well?

  6. Terry says:

    I love this room!! So refreshing!

    • says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks so much for your kind feedback, I appreciate it.


  7. jane Lund says:

    Love the update! Looks great!
    I need to update my laundry room as well, but can’t decide, painting cabinets white or black. When I see the black I always love it, so that my it.

    • says:

      Hi Jane,
      So glad you liked it. I always have that dilema. I’m really loving the black accents lately. I always just remind myself “it’s just paint” and it can be fixed!

      Thanks for commenting and following along.


  8. Your laundry room looked so much better after installing the tiles. They have more character if I would say so.

    • says:

      Yes I would agree, made a huge difference.
      Thanks for commenting,

  9. Carma Rollins says:

    I love the changes and especially the wildflower wallpaper!
    Your “new” updated laundry room looks so pretty! I am also loving all your details: lamp, big bottles to put laundry soap, vinegar, etc. (We may use product very similar), and lovely baskets. Yes, and your black cabinets? Anything but boring white! Thanks for your ideas. Where did you find your big bottles?

    • says:

      Thanks I appreciate your kind feedback. I got them on Amazon. They are actually linked on my Amazon storefront page.

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