Two Beautiful And Simple Summer Arrangement Ideas


Bring in the summer vibes with a beautiful and simple summer arrangement. I’ll call it “summer fun in a bowl”!

These are both so easy to put together and are the perfect touch for your home decor during this season of sunshine and joy. They are perfect for any table centerpiece or tablescape too.


Seashell Arrangement





  • Bowl or tray of choice. I love this wood tone bowl and how the seashells and sand look against it. (Like driftwood)
  • Bag of sand
  • Mix of sea shells, coral and star fish



First, add your sand in the bowl. Then arrange the shells, coral and starfish however you’d like in the bowl. Se I told you, super easy!



I love the organic vibe of this look and how much it reminds me of the beach….



Succulent Arrangement 




  • Bowl of choice. I love this uniquely shaped bowl and the rich warm wood color. Any container would work
  • Package of faux succulents
  • Florists block 
  • Moss




First, add the florist block to the bowl. Make sure it’s in the bowl tight or use florist tape to anchor it.



Start by adding the largest plants first by pocking the stem into the foam. Be sure to get a variety of colors, sizes and textures. Using the thriller, filler and spiller thought process. Let the spillers fall naturally outside the bowl. 



Then use the moss to fill in any holes or empty spaces. That’s all there is to it. So fresh and pretty, right?



There are so many ways to display these arrangements in your home. I have one displayed in the bathroom and one in our home office. However, they would be perfect for a table centerpiece or on a sofa table.



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Cheers to summer and all the fun ways to celebrate it. Be sure to follow along by subscribing to my weekly newsletters.


Happy Decorating

June 9, 2022


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