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Yay the lazy days of summer are upon us and we have been busy getting all the outdoor spaces cleaned up and styled. We recently purchase new furniture and I just love ow it looks in this space. I’ll share links to all the sources at the end, but for now let’s chat about some outdoor styling tips….



I have a few go to items I usually always use when designing an outdoor space. Together these items will all create a perfect cozy vibe in any space.


Cozy Furniture Arrangements



Great furniture arranged in a cozy configuration is important. We love this neutral outdoor wicker and the cozy cushions make napping quite nice I might add. Bring your furniture together creating a cozy, conversational arrangement for hanging out and enjoying summer moments. Coffee tables are also nice for placing your sweet tea, candles and plants as well as to finish off the look of the furniture. Think indoor decor meets outside…


Outdoor Rug



These days you can find beautiful outdoor rugs almost anywhere. They are a perfect way to add pattern, color and interest to a space. They are important in grounding and anchoring all the other pieces in the arrangement together. 





Outdoor pillows and throws are another way to get some color, pattern and texture into the design. I stayed with neutral tones but went with bold patterns to create a soothing, visual interest. If you like more color, you can incorporate lots of color and trendy looks with pillows as well.





Probably one of the most impactful things to add to any outdoor space is lighting. theres just something about twinkle lights and candles that give warm ambiance on summer nights. I love this lantern that serves as a floor lamp in the corner. It not only is gorgeous, but adds the prettiest glow of light at night. I also love lanterns (battery operated candles) and our fire bowl for more nighttime glow. If you want to make your own fire bowl, here is a tutorial on how I made ours How To Make A DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl


Plants and Greenery



Colorful potted flowers and greenery are important for outdoor spaces. They are the personality and tone of ” hey its summer y’all” . There are even some great faux plants out there these days if you’re not a green thumb but would love some plant life vibes. I like to mix posts of colorful flowers and larger plants like palms and ferns for filler and easy care.


Outdoor Serving Pieces




Enjoying the great outdoors with refreshments, snacks and meals is so fun and what summer is about. Be sure to grab some outdoor dishes for serving food, drinks and more. This is another place where you can have fun with pattern and color. It also adds a little bit of whimsey to the space.



Are you ready for summer yet? We sure are and I can’t wait for booking ready, tea sipping, nap taking moments out here. Be sure to check out this post on more outdoor inspiration Beautiful Outdoor Decor TrendsBeautiful, Neutral Outdoor Decor InspirationEasy DIY Outdoor Decor Projects





Happy Decorating



May 17, 2022

  1. Miranda says:

    I appreciate the time and effort it takes to write these posts. I probably don’t tell you enough how I take your ideas and I use them in my home. Thank you for being so generous with your talent!

    • says:

      Aww thanks that means a Lot to me. I appreciate your kind feedback and glad you’re here.

      Deborah xoxo

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