Tips And Ideas For Styling A Bedroom Dresser



Do you ever get stuck in a decorating rut? Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated or figure out how to design an area, especially in the bedroom. I’m always getting asked to share some tips, so I thought I’d share some dresser styling ideas with you. Let’s style m y dresser…


There are a few elements I go with when styling flat spaces. Having a little outline or direction before you begin really helps. I usually shop my home and repurpose or restyle items in different areas of the home. This helps make old things feel new again and seeing them in a different space gives items a fresh take. Here are some key pieces I like to use when creating vignettes. You can find product sources at the end of the post.



I love using vases for arrangements because you can do so much with them. When selecting them, search for vases with various heights and textures. For this look I used two of the same style but in different sizes. They make a great pair and have such a unique shape to them.




Greenery and Florals

I always implement some type of greenery stems, plants or flowers in my vignettes. That touch of nature gives a more organize vibe to a styled space. You can do so much with texture and of course a pop of color. Here I placed a small faux olive tree in one of the posts to give height and fullness to the display.





Adding books to an arrangement not only gives some color but they can also help to elevate other items to give the height variations you need. Stack a few of various sizes to create a pretty collection.



Decorative Bowls and Trays


To give more fullness and variety of shapes, bowls and trays can give a unique look to a display. They are also perfect to group collections or contain other items that may add more texture. I added this shallow stone bowl to tie in with the stone pottery. Then I added some wood driftwood pieces to add warmth to the bowl.



Sculptured Figurines


I love this sandstone knot and how it completes the look. Decorative figurines give extra character and visual interest to a grouping of items. You could add spheres, statues, orbs, carvings and more.





Be sure to add some ambiance with candles. It adds an extra bit of drama, warmth and fragrance to your space.



I hope this gave you some inspiration and direction when you create a display for your dresser. 






I also wanted to mention that the dress was a simple DIY project that really gave a beautiful new look to the piece. You can read about it here How To Update A Dresser With Grasscloth, and for more info on our bedroom you can read here Updating a Master Bedroom





Happy Decorating

April 26, 2022

  1. Karen says:

    Very nice

  2. Colleen says:

    Love the restyling, Deborah! I struggle with making sure it doesn’t look too cluttered and also not too “contrived” and “staged” and yours looks absolutely perfect so thank you for sharing your great inspiration – once again!

  3. katy says:

    Great designs and idea for bedroom dresser would suggest some of these to our carpenter

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