How To Update A Dresser With Grasscloth

One trend for 2021 is a lot of texture on walls, furniture and accessories. I love the warm texture of grass cloth and have wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the house. This dresser needed a big update and I didn’t really like the look it had with the 2 tone paint. I wanted to dress it up and give it a more sophisticated vibe. So keep scrolling for to see how to update a dresser with grasscloth.


Before we begin let’s see what it looked like first. The original dresser was a pine and many years ago I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint and then finished the drawers a metallic paint. It was fine for the style at that time, but it was looking a bit dated. When we moved here I decided to paint the drawers to match the feature wall we did a few years ago in Peppercorn. Recently I changed the color of the feature wall to Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams . It’s a rich warm deep charcoal brown and the peppercorn drawers were not looking good (plus I never liked the 2 tone look!)




I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money to update it so this was the option I decided to try and I’m so happy with how it turned out.


Step 1

Measure your drawers. You would think they are all the same, but I learned my lesson they aren’t all exactly the same. 




Step 2

Cut the piece in the shape and size needed for each drawer. Since there are no lines on the back like many wallpapers, I used a yardstick to measure and draw straight lines to cut it. You can number each one so you know which drawer it goes to or cut each piece as you go. If you are panning to wrap the drawers on the sides be sure to leave excess to wrap. I decided to wrap mine and knew if I did the drawers wouldn’t completely shut. I like the look because of the dimension it adds. But if you don’t , you can just cover the fronts and not the sides too.






Step 3

Apply the paste to the back of the paper and to the drawer. It makes adhering it much easier. Once the front part is smooth you  can wrap the sides. This was the most difficult and tricky part. Since the paper is heavy with texture, it’s hard to get it to adhere and stay at first. I got some large clamps to hold it then ended up using a touch of super glue to pin down the corners. If I were to do this again, I would re consider wrapping the sides because of that reason. However, I like how they look wrapped. It’s up to you how. much work and patience you want to put into it.



Step 4

Add the hardware of your choice. I wanted 2 different looks to add more visual appeal. I used  a combination of knobs and pulls.




Here is the finished look. Can you believe how different it looks now? Such a simple addition but a big impact. I think it looks more clean lined and sophisticated in the room now and I love the warm texture and contrast it adds.






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Wasn’t this easy? You could do this with any type of paper plain or textured. There is a wallpaper that has a grasscolth look but it doesn’t have the texture like real grasscloth does. I love giving old pieces a new look. We also just recently did this project and what a difference How To Transform A Boring Built In Desk Into A Beautiful, Trendy Bar Be sure to subcribe to my newslaetter so you won’t miss a post!


Happy Decorating






February 23, 2021


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