Festive And Simple New Years Eve Tablescape Ideas


The end of another year….How does that make you feel? Some years I’m giddy with anticipation and other years I’m just ready to move on. Either way a little celebration can lift your spirits and at least give a bit of excitement to end the year. We’ve had big party celebrations and small intimate ones and either way, I like to make the table a little special. This year we are doing a dinner celebration for 6 and I wanted to create a festive table that could make everyone feel special. Here are some past ideas to check out Ideas For Creating A Festive New Years Eve Table and here Create A Festive New Years Eve Table I really love how this years table turned out so come check out the details….


When creating a party or table, I always like to suggest starting with a theme. This way it’s helps to come up with colors and the general idea of what you want it to look like. This years theme is a “ring in the new year” tuxedo vibe.

Color Scheme

The colors I selected for this look are predominately black and gold, with some white and silver mixed in. Using sparkling metallics really dresses up a table. However you could also use color with jewel tones along with gold or silver.




I started out by covering the table with a white paper tablecloth ( that is super wrinkled so don’t cringe) Then I added 2 strips of black wrapping paper. Don’t put your Christmas wrapping paper away just yet. The festive colors make great table runners for a NYE table. Next, I lined some vintage Christmas bells down the center and added battery operated twinkle lights. For a final touch you can place party noise makers and hats. I also hung gold Christmas ornaments in various sized from the chandelier.







Place settings


To create the place settings, I started with a large gold charger as the base. Then I printed and cut out clock faces I found on Google images. Once the clock was added, I placed a clear plastic dinner plate on top. You could also use glass ( but I’m trying to avoid dish washing at midnight!) Finally, to dress up the setting, I folded a napkin into a regular rectangular fold and tied a gold ribbon in the center to create a bow tie look.



One final touch for the place settings are the hats for each guest. Ladies have tiaras and guys have top hats. Then of course everyone gets their own noisemaker.



One of my favorite items on the table are the champagne flutes. I found these cute bow ties at the Party store in the “roaring 20’s theme” section. They already had elastics on them but you could easily just cut out bow ties with felt and glue them on the plastic flutes. To create buttons, I found round gold stickers in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby and stuck them onto the glass front. Super easy and festive.



Party Favors

The final touch I add for any party is a fun party favor. I usually do some version of this every NYE. All I did was add Hersey kisses to a clear bag and made sticker labels on the front to say “New Year’s Wishes and midnight kisses” A fun way to have a sweet treat with your champagne toast. To dress it up I just tied on a little gold bell with thin black ribbon. Super, duper easy!






So festive, fun and simple…and easy to clean up. Each guest has their own hat, noisemaker and party favor and they add so much detail to the table as well.



I hope this inspired you to create a fun and festive table for your NYE celebration, big or small. I look forward to bringing you more inspiration in the coming year and appreciate your support so much. Thanks for following along and I’ll see you next year!!


Happy New Year!

December 30, 2021

  1. Mary says:

    You are Amazing! Thanks for sharing your God given talent for making life festive! I’m going to use a few of these ideas.

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