How To Style A Small Outdoor Space

Styling spaces can be a challenge especially outdoors. It can be tough to define the space or decide exactly what to place where and make it feel cozy. You don’t need a large area to create a little oasis. Just a few simple accents and touches can really transform a look. So, here are some tips on how to style outdoor rooms.




Not much happening here. Some basic furniture in a conversational layout. However, there is one item already there that I always suggest starting with….



Outdoor Rugs

Adding a beautiful outdoor rug anchors the space and creates the first layer of texture and coziness. You can keep it neutral or use it to add your pop of color.Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all the furniture. Most are very easy to care for too. We just power wash ours in the spring and it looks like new every time.



Cushions and Pillows

The next layer to add to your space should be more texture with textiles like cushions and pillows. I like to keep my cushions fairly neutral and use pillows for color and pattern. Keeping the larger items neutral gives them a little more long term life because they don’t get outdated. Then you can switch out pillows each year if your style or color tastes change and it’s no so expensive.




I love how durable the new outdoor wicker is now. There are so many outdoor versions of trays and baskets that make a great background to hold other items and give some style to a table. I love the large round wicker but galvanized metal trays are great to use as well..

I also like to add a plant and lantern on my. They are also perfect when entertaining to hold pitchers, glasses and food.



I love these cane lined glasses for outdoor dining. They have another element of texture that looks so good combined with glass and wood.




Ambiance is key for outdoor dining. There are so many ways to add some beautiful light to an area. Twinkle strand lights, lanterns with battery operated candles and fire bowls. I made this fire bowl last summer and i’m obsessed with it! It has citronella oil in it so also a great mosquito deterrent. You’d be surprised how simple it is to make, heres a tutorial if you want to make one for yourself. How To Make A DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl





I also love this large lantern. I add remote battery operated candles and love when they twinkle at night. They give a pretty glow and create the ultimate moody vibe for outdoor entertaining.



I also have a small lantern on the table.




Of course adding plants is the final touch of color and brings the whole space to life. I like to mix large greenery like ferns and palms with smaller post of flowers for color. You don’t have to use real plants either. Faux plants are also great for the outdoors, just remember not to water them -lol my hubby was watering a faux fern last summer until I realized it and told him it was fake!






With just a few simple items you can create a welcoming little oasis to enjoy and entertain. We spend so much time in this space and I love how it extends the cozy spaces inside our home outside too.

I hope you are inspired and have the perfect spot to chill and enjoy the lazy days of summer(or year round if you’re lucky!)




Happy Decorating








July 29, 2021


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