How To Create A Beautiful Fresh Spring Garden Arrangement

I don’t know about you but this time of year I’m really ready for Spring. This project is joy in a basket, yep that’s what this cutie is and it’s super simple to make. I love bringing some hints of spring into the house and this sweet little spring table arrangement is the best way to add cheer to your home. So come see how easy this project is, you’ll love it!


Here are the supplies you will need:

  • basket or container to plant your garden in
  • plastic or garbage bag to line the container if needed
  • gravel or river rock
  • potting soil
  • sheet moss in the color of your choice
  • a variety of spring plants
  • greenery plants for filler like ferns, ivy



Step 1

First line your container with the plastic. I used a large garbage bag however you can also use already lined baskets. Tin or metal containers would work too, I just love the warm texture of a basket. Once your container is lined fill it with some pebbles for drainage. Any type of gravel or rocks would work.



Step 2


Next fill the basket with your potting soil. Be sure you save some to fill in once you have all the plants potted.




Step 3


Create  a layout first by placing the plants at different levels and varieties to keep the arrangement interesting and cohesive. This it will help to decide where you want to put each one and how it will look. Start with your tallest plants and then sort your fuller, shorter plants around to fill in the spaces. Tiny ferns and ivy make great filler plants and will outlast the flowers. Then you can fill in those empty spaces with a summer flower or another variety of green plants.


Step 4

Once you have the plants in, fill more dirt around them as needed. Then fill in the bare spots with your sheet moss. Mixed varieties of moss look beautiful around the arrangement and gives a fresh pop of green texture.





I made this smaller basket as a birthday gift for a sweet friend. It’s such a great gift idea, like sunshine in a basket(and smells wonderful)




I think it makes such a beautiful centerpiece too. I love the colors mixed with my neutral white and black and warm woods. I also think it makes a perfect mother’s day gift. Create it as decor for a brunch and send it home with mom. I also have a fun post on creating some Spring wreaths here How To Make 3 Beautiful And Easy Spring Wreaths

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY spring project and that you can find some joy in little tasks to spruce up your home. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any posts. I’ll be sharing some Easter table ideas soon. I love to hear from you and thanks for following along.


Happy Decorating





March 4, 2021

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you for the inspiration. We all need flowers to brighten our day. Love your home. My favorite!!

  2. Ann says:

    This is beautiful!

    • says:

      Aww thanks so much Ann. You are so sweet.
      I hope you are staying well xoxo

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