How To Create This Anthro Dupe Spring Wreath

It’s almost Spring and time to transition from Winter. Softer colors, flowers, greenery and bunnies of course. This year I wanted to do something different and had my eye on this Anthropology wreath, but didn’t want to spend that much. So, I decided to make my own DIY spring wreath. Come see how I designed this Anthro inspired Spring wreath…



This really is a simple wreath to make, however I had a difficult time finding the type of flowers I had in my head. When that happens, you just have to improvise. I found all the supplies from Hobby Lobby.



  • Plain twig wreath
  • A selection of dried flowers in the color scheme you want
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Scissors or wire cutters

Step 1

First, go through and cut all your flowers off and place like colors together in a pile. Be sure to leave a little bit of stem to anchor into the wreath.





I stayed with a soft, mute color scheme and didn’t want a deep dark green. The idea is to make it look like a collection of dried flowers with that faded look. I did add small pops of yellow to contrast with the mutes shades.



Step 2

Arrange the flowers around the wreath in a pattern you like before attaching to the wreath. Be sure to mix colors and sizes varying the pattern. the ideas is to not make it look perfect or symmetrical, but effortlessly arranged.





Step 3

Glue all your flowers to the wreath. Once the flowers are all attached, I went through and tucked in some longer green dried stems to blend the flowers more into the wreath.



You can see how the added dried greens gave a little more fullness to the wreath and gave a backdrop for the flowers.



This was such a simple wreath to make at a fraction of the cost to buy. Wait for the flowers to go on sale and you can create it for very little expense. If you enjoyed this, I also have a few more Spring DIY decor projects here How To Make 3 Beautiful And Easy Spring WreathsHow To Create A Simple Spring Arrangement For Your Front DoorHow To Add Spring And Easter Touches To Your Home

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Happy Decorating





March 6, 2021

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