How To Add Cozy Winter Touches To Your Home

Does Winter give you the blahs? I know it easily can, coming off all the sparkle and shine of Christmas, this time of the year can really bring your spirits down. Christmas decor has been packed up along with the magic and memories. It can make your home feel empty and sad which can bring your mood down as well. So, let’s see what we can do to fix that friends…. keep scrolling to see these cozy winter home decor touches.

When your home is filled with all the sparkle and smells of the Christmas season, putting that all away can make your home feel boring and bland. So I’m sharing some tips and ideas with you to keep your home from feeling that lack luster of Christmas. 


Tip #1

Don’t put away all that Christmas decor. Take away the Christmas colors, but save some of the greenery pieces such as small picks, stems, berries and natural elements such as pine cones. What I like to do while I’m packing p my Christmas decor is to save some of my favorite items to the side. Then I pack up all the decor and start with a clean slate. A simple arrangement such as this wooden bowl and simple pine picks are the perfect “nest” to place real or faux flowers such as paperwhites. They are my favorite winter flower because they give a little hint of Spring. The wood tones add additional warmth to your home.



Cozy Winter Home Decor Touches


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Tip #2

Keep that pretty glow with battery operated candles. In this vignette, I used warm wood candlesticks to hold these faux battery operated birchwood candles. They still give that pretty warm glow in the evening that creates s beautiful and cozy atmosphere. A simple pine stem in a pretty glass vase is the perfect anchor to pair with the warm woods


Cozy Winter Home Decor Touches


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Tip #3

Bring in items from nature such as pinecones or antlers for a wintery combination. A touch of white berries and wooden beads give this arrangement a little bit of texture too. A tray or wooden bowl is a great way to hold a collection of these items. Just keep it more simple and try not to overdo too many items together.



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Tip #4

Combine some bare branches from the yard with some of your greenery. They give a beautiful shape to arrangements and provide a winter warmth to vignettes. You only need a few items here and there. Just find placement in spotlighted areas such as a mantle, entryway table, coffee or dining room tables. Also adding fairy lights to an arrangement or even just in a glass jar or vase can give that little bit of sparkle to cheer up your dark home in the evenings.


Cozy Winter Home Decor Touches


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Tip #5

Adding texture and coziness with textiles. Beautiful chunky blankets and pillows in soft neutral tones give any space an inviting and soothing place to enjoy the winter months. By keeping things neutral but using different textures it gives the room a cheerful and cozy environment


Cozy Winter Home Decor Touches

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I hope this post gave you some winter cheer and inspiration to add cozy touches to your home. Once Spring arrives, I pack up the left over Christmas items I used for Winter decor and label it so I remember those are the items that worked after Christmas into the Winter decor. Also, adding some fresh flowers from the market is a great way to add some winter cheer to your home and brighten your outlook. 

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Stay Cozy








January 7, 2021

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