My Favorite DIY Home Projects From 2020

This year is definitely one for the books, or maybe not? needless to say it’s been interesting. When I was planning my content calendar for 2020 and what projects I wanted to do, I never imagined we would have more time on our hands than expected. One good thing to come out of 2020 is the opportunity to stay home and focus on our surroundings and family. We completed some great projects this year. Many that were helpful in keeping things organized and more functional. So, come join me as I share my favorite DIY home projects from 2020.


Project #1

Corner Media Cabinet




The corner of this room was so difficult to style and unfortunately the only place for the TV. I wasn’t able to find anything to put in this space to maximize it and look pretty. So, we decided to build one. Neither of us have any carpenter experience so it was very intimidating. However, We took our time and we are so thrilled with the results. It has made such a difference in the whole look of this space. You can visit this post for all the details Creating A Corner TV Cabinet



Project #2

Craft/Decor/ guest room space



This one makes me do the happy dance. This little finished attic space was so under used. We use the room for extra house guests abut the rest of the time it was wasted space. So with some creative designing and inexpensive IKEA cabinets, I created this room and I just love it. I cannot believe how useful and practical it is. Getting all my crafts and decor organized into one space gives me all the happy feels. You can read abut the details here How To Create An Organized Craft Space


Project #3

Laundry room refresh



Once I saw the results of my organized craft room, it motivated me to keep going. So I gave our laundry room a refresh and organized all the spaces. This was does so inexpensively and I loving doing laundry in here. It’s such a cheery room and the organization gives me happy dance vibes. here are the details of this project How To Refresh A Laundry Room


Project #4

Mini Mud Room



One thing that has bothered me about our garage entry is that there was no place to hang coats and bags. So we created this awesome space in an afternoon and I cannot believe how nice it has been to have this space. Small but mights and so functional. Here are the details for what we did Easy DIY Mini Mudroom Idea


Project #5

Gallery Wall Board & Batten



This gallery wall was a little boring and too cluttered for my liking. With an open concept home you have to be careful with wall clutter. This project has made such a difference in this upstairs loft and I love the character it adds to the whole space. Here are the details on what we did How To Create A Simple Gallery Wall


Project # 7

Outdoor Garden SPace



Once spring arrived it was time for some outdoor projects. I’ve been wanting a fun garden space for so many years. I had this vision of a dreamy space however really wanted it to be easy maintenance . We put this together in a weekend and I can’t tell you how enjoyable it was all summer to have this space. These are the details on what we did How To Create A Garden In A Small Space


Project #8

Beer Barn



Yes I said beer barn aka storage shed. This little spot may be the best one all year. This shed was lacking a lot of personality and we really wanted to have a fun space to hang out by the lake but lets’ face it, the poor thing was ugly. We decided to give it a makeover inside and out. you won’t believe the amazing results. You can see the before and inside details in this post How To Turn A Backyard Shed Into An Outdoor Bar


Project #9

Adding the finishing touch to our stairway



This favorite DIY home projects was the wow factor project. We took the carpet out and painted the stairs in 2019 and the change was amazing. The finishing touch that took it to wow was adding the board and batten. I love that it took the whole space to the next level! Here are the details on this project How To Update Carpeted Stairs With Paint and here How To Add The Finishing Touch To A Stairway With Board & Batten


Project #10

Master Bedroom Barn Door


The finale of 2020 projects was this incredibly gorgeous barn door we made. Ya’ll this gave our room the best update and upgrade. It’s amazing what changing out a door (especially one this gorgeous) can do for a room. I am so happy with how this turned out.


Well friends, that concludes the best of 2020. As I was putting this post together it really made me proud of how much we accomplished in one year. We are slowly making this home our own in many ways. Some of the projects were quite a challenge, but we were up for it and I’m so proud of our hard work.

Now what’s up for 2021 you ask? Well a few things on the list are the office space (a whole new look and built in), guest bathroom refresh, garage design and whatever random projects I come up with along the way. Bottom line, you don’t have to be a professional to update your home and create the look you want. Just be patient, do your research and go for it.


Happy New Year







December 31, 2020

  1. Seth Parent says:

    Wow, what a fantastic set of DIY home projects from 2020! It’s great to see how you were able to maximize your time at home and create such beautiful and functional spaces. The corner media cabinet is such a clever use of space, and the craft/decor/guest room is so inspiring. I love how you were able to turn an underutilized attic space into something so practical and organized.

    The laundry room refresh is also impressive, and it’s amazing how something as simple as a mini mudroom can make such a big difference. The gallery wall board and batten is such a creative way to add character to your home, and the outdoor garden space is just gorgeous.

    Overall, your DIY projects are both practical and beautiful, and it’s great to see how you were able to create such amazing spaces without any carpentry experience. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiration with us, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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