How To Make Simple Wood Candlesticks And Stands

How To Make Wooden Candlesticks For Fall

Hey friends, are you ready for some more fall ideas or are you still hanging on to every bit of summer? I’m definitely hanging onto summer, but i’m craving some Fall vibes, that sounds like I’m a little confused doesn’t it, lol. But seriously I love changing seasons and they are all my favorite. I think it’s the opportunity to design new looks and create a cozy vibe and look for each holiday. Fall colors and textures really are beautiful and the options are always so fun to work with. I had this vision of a look I wanted for a new space I just created and it started with making these simple wood candlestick stands. They are the perfect way to create a unique centerpiece or mantel decor.  Check out this post for more fall decor ideas.Fall Decor Home Tour Inspiration And Ideas

I love coming up with ways to make my own decor and the challenge on how to create something. I was looking for a way to create a unique display for my new mantel we added to our upstairs loft and had this fun idea in my head. 

These stands are super easy and you don’t need many supplies. I went to Lowe’s and bought some wooden legs and feet that are used for making furniture. I bought a selection of various shapes and sizes to put together. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some unfinished wood disks and bases to add to the other pieces. You can select all kinds of shapes and sizes based on your personal preferences.





Step 1

Find the center of the base, and mark it with a pencil.



Then drill a hole in that marked center to put your first section in.




The great thing about furniture legs is that they come with screws in them already on at least one of the ends. 



Step 2

Attach your first section into the base. Then you can drill a hole into the center of that piece to add the second one.





Step 3

Once you have the whole drilled in your first section, you can then add the next section



You can combine each section to your liking and based on the height you are wanting. 

The fun thing about these is that you can add various lengths and shapes together to create any look or height you want.



Step 4

Add the top piece to your combined segments. I decided to use wood glue for the tops to avoid placing a screw in the top. However, if you are using them for arrangements, you wont see it.





Step 5

Stain or paint your stands. I decided I really liked the raw look of these especially for the colors I selected to create the floral arrangements. 



Next, display your stands however you want. Watch for my next post to see how I created the arrangements and styled them…

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own wood candlestick stands. There are so many things you can do with them in your home decor. Also, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you wont miss the next post with how to dress them up using flowers. You’ll get my weekly newsletter with updates and access to my free printable page. I also have many Fall project ideas ahead so stay tuned.


Happy Crafting


August 25, 2020


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