How to Create A Beautiful And Unique Fall Centerpiece

Hey friends, are you ready for more Fall ideas and inspiration? This easy fall DIY centerpiece is in 2 parts, part one is here. The wooden stands are super simple and make great display pieces for many places in your home decor. I wanted to have 3 stands of various heights to place on my new vintage mantel. However, you can make as many as you want and vary the heights to fit your needs.

If you don’t want to make the stands, any candlestick would work just fine. You can stain them or paint them however you want. I really like the raw wood look with the flowers I selected. But they would be beautiful painted as well.



Supplies you need:

  • Assortment of Fall flowers, stems and items of your choice- I purchased all mine from Hobby Lobby
  • A variety of stands
  • Florists block ( I found the dome to work the best
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Moss




For early Fall or what I’m call “transitional decor” I selected shades of creamy white, mustard and pops of black. Try to find various textures and styles like a large flower, pumpkin, stems and clusters of smaller flowers.



Step 1

Attach your florist foam to the top of the stand with hot glue to make a stable base.



Step 2

Using your wire cutters, clip the stems to the lengths you need keeping a variety of sizes for filling in bare places.



Step 3

Starting with the tallest stand, start adding the stems beginning with the tallest pieces. Then start building the arrangement filling in making sure to vary the height and texture of the stems not places the same colors and items next to each other. 

If these are for a table, be sure to fill all the way around from all angles of the arrangement.




As I built the arrangements, I wanted to see a flow from each stand. Be sure to have some overflowing down the sides to drape into the next one. You can fill in any holes with moss to hide the florist foam.




I love the simplicity of these and how easy they are to make. There are so many possibilities on how you create them. Most importantly, have fun with it using the colors and items that you love. These would also be gorgeous for Christmas mantel or tables. 

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I hope you loved this project and if you try one, be sure to tag me and share. If you have any questions, please let me know. I love hearing from my followers. Be sure you are subscribed to the blog to receive my weekly newsletter updates and access to my free printable page filled with all kinds of fun tags and gift ideas.

Happy Decorating | Easy Fall DIY Centerpiece

August 28, 2020


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