How To Update A Plain Glass Vase

You know what I love? An easy, inexpensive way for updating old decor items. This is one of those projects and you will love me for sharing it with you..(well I’m assuming you will lol) This project is a great way to update an old vase or an inexpensive one from the dollar or thrift store(even better). So lets see how easy it is to update a plain glass vase…


I had this old glass vase in a cabinet and decided to give it a little makeover. I got the inspiration form one I saw in a fancy catalog nd when I saw the price I said, “nope I can make one”! So that’s what I did.


Here’s what you need:

  • glass vase and shape you like- the craft stores also have them at good prices
  • black (or white) spray paint . I used the Rustoleum 2x
  • painters tape- I like the Frogtape because it gives nice crisp lines



First decide how high up you want the color. Generally it looks best with the 2/3 run and not right in half. I wanted mine high enough that it hides the bottom of the branches in the vase.



Once you decide where to start, it’s easier to lay the vase on its side and roll the tape on. You get a perfectly straight line that way.



Be sure the tape is sealed really well to avoid any paint seeping through.



Next I covered the area I did not want any paint on. I used a grocery bag then more tape to secure it tightly around the vase.



Now you are ready to paint. Hold the can at least 10″ away from the vase surface and spray light strokes in sections. Make sure you keep the can moving or you will get too much in one spot and it will drip. Take your time misting the first coat on.

Once the first coat is dry, you can add another coat. I only did 2 coats on mine.



Then the fun part comes… peeling the tape off to reveal your beautiful crisp lines. Ahhh so satisfying and wow it’s pretty. Amazing how something so simple can be so elegant but it really has such a classy look to it.



So there you go a really simple way to update an old vase and create a new decor piece to spotlight your branches or flowers. By the way, I love these branches. They are so realistic you won’t believe it. I want to share the link with you because you are going to want these.


Happy Crafting








July 18, 2020

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