How Create A Hobnail planter From A Terra Cotta Pot

Hey y’all, who’s ready for an easy peasy craft?! This is not only simple but really inexpensive. There are so many trendy loots for vases and pots recently. I love the challenge of recreating an expensive pot so I thought I’d try to recreate a hobnail pot hack. I love the character and fresh, simple look of these. Unique and definitely a fun way to dress up your plants. Keep scrolling to see how to make a hobnail lookalike pot. 


This is such a quick project and so easy. It’s also a fun gift ideas touse when gifting a plant- housewarming, new home etc. 

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • terracotta pots size of your choice-I went with 2 different sizes to display them together in a little grouping
  • wood buttons- these furniture buttons are perfect for small pots then I used the 1″ half sphere for the larger pots
  • spray paint color of your choice. I used the Rustoleum 2X in white.
  • hot glue gun



For the larger pot I marked off by measuring where I wanted to place each large button. Decide what spacing you like and then mark off every distance all the way around the pot.



Once you have your marks in place, it’s time to hot glue your buttons.





I glued mine a little way down instead of right on the rim. I like the look of a little space at the top.



To create the small pot there really is no rhyme or reason to it. It all depends on how full you want it to look. I just started a pattern of lines alternating 3 then two eyeballing the distance. Then I hot glued them on.



Now that all your buttons are on, be sure to pull off any glue strings left by the hot glue. Then it’s time to paint. Hold the can about 10″ away from the pots and spray in light, sweeping strokes. These pots actually took 3 coats to get the bright white effect I was looking for. 




Aren’t they so fun? I love the whimsical texture it adds to a plain old terracotta pot. (or any pot for that matter)



I hope you enjoyed this super easy project. I love finding fun ways to update old vases and pots. I have a few other ideas too. This one was really easy and I love the artisan fell it has which is so on trend right now.  How To Turn An Old Pot Into An Artisian Stone Look or this one How To Turn An Old Pot Into Artisan Pottery Look


Let me know if you have any questions or what you think about this project. I love hearing from you. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to sign up so yo won’t miss any of my weekly newsletter updates and access to my free printable page.


Happy Crafting












July 16, 2020


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