How To Turn A Backyard Shed Into An Outdoor Bar


Summer entertaining is one of my favorite things to do. I think it’s because of the causal, laid back feeling you can create when putting a gathering together. I also love the idea of having a designated area that can be transformed into a fun spot to hang out and enjoy a good time. We live on a lake and spend most of our time outdoors, in the other months too. Because pf this, we needed a space that was covered and functional to create a low key hang out. so, we turned this old shed into what we lovingly call, “The Beer barn”

Outside Before





The first thing we wanted to do is update the outside to give it a more updated and polished look to make it more cohesive in our yard. Paint usually makes the most impact at the lowest cost. I wanted it to have a rich, rustic look and I love the look of woods and dark colors. For the main color we used Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. 



Then I wanted to bring in some warm wood tones so I stained the doors in Early American.



The rest of the changes were just aesthetic things to give it more personality. We added the wood whisky barrels to bring in more of the warm woods and planted real Olive trees in them We also added a big farmhouse light for character and ambiance.



We also added flagstone at the entrance to give it a more finished look and to avoid having a muddy entryway to the door.








We also added a window box with flowers for additional color as well as this pallet wall planter. You can see how we built the planter here How To Create A Planter With An Old Pallet. We also landscaped around the barn earlier in the season and you can read about that hereHow To Create A Garden In A Small Space


Inside Before




The inside required a lot more work but the end result was so worth it. One of the biggest issues was that it also was becoming a catch all of junk. We still need it to store items for the lake, however a lot of it was cluttering up the space and making it hard to enjoy as a functional space to hang out.




First thing we did was to clear out the whole shed. We through out anything we didn’t need or that was broken. That way we could determine how much space was truly needed to store items and how we could best store them.



We knew that finishing off the walls would make a big impact in keeping the area looking cleaner and more appealing, however we did not want to spend a lot of money. I love the look of barn wood walls but knew that it would be more time consuming and expensive. So, we found these faux barn wood looking panels at our local Lowes. The whole cost for them was about $90.



Then, all we did was nail the panels to the studs. There were some tricky cuts involved but we really weren’t super picky on the small details for the shed. Once we had the panels up it already made a huge difference in how clean and bright it felt. 



I decided that painting the floors would also add a more finished look to the room. However, I really didn’t want to put a lot of time or money into it. I had originally bought garage, concrete paint to paint the floors but didn’t like the gray option with the barn wood browns. I wanted to keep with the rustic feel. So I decided to try concrete stain.

My first mistake was the color selection. They color I selected I though was a taupe but once I painted it on the floors, it looked too gray. So I went back and bought a darker more brown color and love how it turned out. Since it is a stain, I really wanted it to look like stain not paint on the floors, so when I applied it, I didn’t do a heavy even coat. I loved the layered more splotchy look it gave. 



Once the walls and floors were complete, I painted the old bar to clean it up and wow what a difference that made. Then it was a matter of adding the decorations and items we needed to make it fun and inviting. The TV was placed on a shelf and we added old vintage waterskis and signs. The wooden vintage cooler even looked better in the newly designed space. 



The fun fishing pole light was a project my husband did a few years ago. He used an old minnow bucket for the base, filled it with concrete then stuck in an old fishing pole. He created the lamp using a lamp kit and the inner part of the minnow bucket as the lampshade. It was super easy and adds so much character to the whole room.






I know we will enjoy this space so much more now and it will quickly become a favorite spot in the yard. I love that even if it’s starts raining, we can sit inside and enjoy watching the lake or a game and still be “outside” by the water. 



Isn’t that such a fun space and can you believe how different it looks ? It always amazes me what a difference paint makes in any space. We really love how this turned out and know we will enjoy this space for many years to come. I hope you enjoyed seeing this makeover and learning how you can turn an old shed into an outdoor bar. Make sure you subscribe so you won’t miss any new posts. I love hearing from you so feel free to ask any questions.


Happy Decorating

June 9, 2020

  1. Barbara Becker says:

    Looks fantastic. How did u prep for the patio in front with the flagstone? Is that expensive?

    • says:

      hi Barbara,

      We didn’t do much prep. Just leveled out the area. It wasn’t too expensive. We spend about $75 for the small area we did and that includes the decomposed granite rock we used as the filler.


  2. Thanks for the information. It’s very helpful.

  3. These are some great tips! And you’ve got it right; it makes a massive difference. Choosing the right technic can be pretty tricky, but this guide made it a lot simpler! Thank you so much for writing; this was helpful!
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  4. John Dien says:

    You have the most wonderful ideas. I don’t know how you manage it all. You are up on the latest trends and know just the look to achieve to transform a plain room into a beautiful make statement room. You come up with great ideas and are able to read my mind on how I want a room to look.
    Thank You

    • says:

      Thanks for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the ideas!

  5. That building looks crazy! The front-on photo has a real American Gothic / Modern Western feel to it.
    Very inspiring stuff! I know I’ll remember this when I move somewhere with a shed, otherwise I think I’ll be borrowing some of your interior design style, the farm / beach vibe is really homely!

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    Amazing post. I like these shed designs very much.

  8. Elan says:

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    bar thanks sharing this is article
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  12. Twacy says:

    We added the wood whisky barrels to bring in more of the warm woods and planted real Olive trees in them We also added a big farmhouse light

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