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Hi Friends and Happy New Year! With the start of a new year, once Christmas is down the house always feels so bare and sad. So my go to fix for this is to rearrange and make small changes to a space. This can be done using accessories and furniture from other rooms, a fun new purchase or mixing up things in the room . I did some rearranging in our great room and I’ll be sharing the fresh new look in a new post soon. I’ll be joining some talented bloggers in a “Neutral Winter home tour” so I hope you’ll be back to check it out.

I thought it would be fun to give some helpful tips for arranging a console table. Maybe it’s something you’ve been wanting to add to your room or you just need to jazz yours up a bit. A console table can be used to fill the space of an entryway or sit behind a sofa to add more visual interest to a room. This can be an inexpensive project using things you already have. However, I have selected & suggested some of my most favorite items and stores and have provided sources for each tip in an effort to help you in selecting items for your own table.

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1-Find the right table to fit the space. Decide how much space you realistically have and what your storage needs may be. Some tables have cabinets, shelves or drawers that can add additional storage space. Be sure to gauge the scale of the space and the size of the table. A table that is too small in a large space can look out of proportion. A table too large can over power the space. before you purchase one, be sure to take measurements.


This industrial cart was a fun find from a flea market. It not only has unique characteristics, but it is very functional because of the cart’s storage capabilities and the wheels make it easy to move around. Sometimes something unique and out of the box can make a great foyer or sofa table if you just look around.


This table has a more clean lined modern look to it. The mirror base helps the accessories to stand out and shine. With a piece like this, you do not need to place many items on top of it or it will look too busy. The open space below has plenty of room to add a large basket for storage and the style of the basket helps to dress down the table and give it a softer look.

2- Create a focal point or anchor to place behind or above your table. This completes the look, gives the eye a statement piece to look at and pull all the items on the table together as well. This can be done with artwork, a large mirror or an architectural statement piece such as a large clock or wood arch/window.


The mirror over this table is a great anchor because of its size, and the black color makes the entire arrangement look more substantial. The reflection from the mirror also makes the room appear bigger.

3-Keep the decor you select to display simple, with larger pieces not a lot of small items. Placing a collection of several smaller items together, makes the table appear too cluttered and messy.  Selecting a few larger pieces that work together will create a better, more visual vignette. Try selecting items of 3 of various heights, tall, medium and small. Or you can make the arrangement symmetrical selecting 2 like items to balance out each side.

4- Add some light for another layer and to brighten up the arrangement.  You can do this by selecting a lamp with a unique shape or design to compliment the other accessories or to stand out as the star of the table. Just be careful with the scale. Placing a lamp on the table that is too skinny or short makes the arrangement less appealing and takes away from the whole purpose of why you are using it. Make sure it’s big enough, just not oversized. (sounds like Little Red Riding hood )

5- Use layers for texture. You can keep the vignette soft and understated using monochromatic items or use the accents to create a visual pop of color. Everything does not need to match. Mixing metals, styles and textures is very trendy right now. Find items that will compliment each other. Just keep it minimal. Remember, less is more and keep the items at different heights and sizes. You can also use boxes or old books to elevate items and add another dimension to the table. Adding one unique item or a found treasure can add an unexpected element of surprise and create and interesting focal point.

6- If there is open space below, add a larger, functional piece underneath. Large benches, baskets and fun containers are a great way to fill up space and help with storage needs.

I hope this post has been helpful and you’ve gained some inspiration to design your own entryway or sofa console table. Most of all, find things that you love and display them just be sure not to put them all in one place. It’s also fun to switch these areas up more frequently and the change of seasons is a perfect time to do this.  Have fun with it and make it unique to your own style.

As always I’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back often my friend.

Happy Decorating !


January 6, 2018

  1. Sharon McManus says:

    This advice was very helpful, now I’m going to rearrange a few of my items that I have on my consoles. Thanks!

    • says:

      Hi Sharon,
      So glad the post was helpful for you. Have fun decorating your new space and thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you’ll visit again soon. I’ll have a new post next week with a winter home tour and several other bloggers as well with gorgeous homes.
      Take care,

  2. Terrie says:

    Deborah, Thanks for sharing your tips on styling a sofa table. Can’t wait until the Neutral Winter Home tour.

    I too like to change things up after all the Christmas decorations are put away! I just started putting my decorations away so your tips will come to good use!

  3. Kelly says:

    How to determine proper lamp for entry way. I have the darker colored wood table like yours
    Do I go dark or light

    • says:

      Hi Kelly,

      What is the background that your table is against? That would also determine your lamp color. I would definitely do a contrasting color so the lamp won’t blend into the background of the wall your console table is against. It’s okay if your table and lamp are both darker, as long as they are different textures or materials and that your lampshade doesn’t blend too much with your wall or the display behind it.
      Hope that makes sense? I really appreciate you following along and love hearing from you. Let me know how it all turns out or if you have further questions.
      All the best

  4. Sophia says:

    Such lovely ideas. I,personally, love decorative home mirrors. They add a next level elegance to the house and guess what I recently checked and loved their collection of Custom designed mirrors.

    • says:

      I used a clear wax made By Waverly from Walmart. Easy to use and works great.


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