Outlander series premier party

Okay so I confess, I’m a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon’s book series Outlander, which takes place in Scotland. So, when I heard that an actual show was being produced I couldn’t contain my excitement. The best part is that some of my dearest friends are big fans & just as delighted as I am….hence the need for a celebration. I’m crazy about party themes and this one couldn’t be more fun, especially since I was in Scotland last summer and caught the Scottish bug. So I did a little research, found some free printables (thanks professionalfangirls.com) played some beautiful bagpipes in the background and went to town..

This is the goody bag for my guests. I found the story of the Scottish symbol, the thistle flower, attached it to a little brown bag and then of course filled it with a bottle of Scotch and some shortbread.. A little thistle & some twine added the finishing touch

I covered the table with burlap and added some tartan for color. I used Diana’s books as risers and wildflowers added a pretty natural element and texture


I hadn’t put all the food on the table yet, but I served a cheese plate with oatcakes, bannocks with honey, Scottish meat pies, lemon tassies and a special dessert..


I made raspberry cranachan for dessert…a type of parfait using oats, cream, honey and whiskey.

We had so much fun celebrating this premier!

I am THOROUGHLY loving this series and so impressed with the casting, the set and the adaptation of the wonderful writing. 

August 26, 2014

  1. Ketutar says:

    It looks really great, but… what’s with the lavender? Is it pretending to be heather, or does lavender have a special role in the books?
    What kind of thistle is that? I have never seen a flower like that. The Scottish thistle is like a spiky bulb with a brush of purple on top…

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Thanks for the compliment I think although it’s sounds more like an underhanded shot.
      I don’t usually respond to negative comments, but I’m curious why it matters? First of all this is a fictional book so I wasn’t worried about every detail being authentic, it was about making a fun presentation as best as I could. I live in Texas, not Scotland (although I’ve been there I know what Scottish thistle looks like- I saw several when I was there) We don’t have authentic Scottish thistle here. After all this is a fictional book and I didn’t invite an Scottish historian so having this super fun party be that nit picky about the flowers I used and pointing it out is interesting to me. I used Lavender to “mimic” heather and add color to the table since I didn’t happen to have fresh heather laying around, and my guests didn’t really care. I used the sources I had and didn’t feel it necessary to search the world for real Scottish Thistle and I’m wondering why this matters to you and why it was worth even pointing out?
      I’m pretty sure most people seeing this post understood that.

  2. Shelley says:

    What a great tablescape! I love all the food choices and perfect goody bags too.. My sister and I love the Outlander series. I’m planning a trip to Scotland.and have relatives from Dundee and Edinburgh. Thank you for sharing this idea. Your account on Instagram is one of my favorites. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it and being real about it.

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Shelley,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I love Outlander too and took a trip with my best friend about 7 years ago to Scotland. We spent a whole week driving through the country and it was the best!

      Thanks for following


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