How To Create A Beautiful Fall Coffee Table Arrangement


Fall is here (I wish Texas would get the weather memo!) I love decorating this time of year. The warm, cozy vibes are so comforting and pretty. I wanted a look that was super simple but elegant. For more centerpiece ideas check out these posts How To Create A Simply Beautiful Fall Table CenterpieceHow To Create A Simply Beautiful Fall Table Centerpiece



To create this look I wanted simple and elegant vibe. I also wanted it to coordinate with the look of the mantel decor.


Color Scheme

This year I’m sticking with a warm golden brown and some rust with wood accents. These colors look great against the neutral creamy tones on our home decor. For contrast I popped in some white pumpkins. To avoid a busy look, the more simple the colors, the less cluttered it feels.



Vary Heights

Styling a coffee table can be tricky because you don’t want to impede on the view . If things are too high, it’s hard to carry on a conversation. However, if everything is low and the same height, it ruins the look. I used a wooden cake plate to elevate the large pumpkin and balance the level with the candlesticks.




Incorporate Organic Elements


Another way I kept it simple was to stick with just one type of stem. Instead of adding a mixed collection of leaves and florals, I stayed with just one style. The light and airy leaves add just the right amount of texture and interest. Adding elements from nature are great ways to create more interest and visual appeal to an arrangement.



Also, using a tray or bowl to contain an arrangement keeps it more concise. It also make removing the items if needed easy by simply just lifting the tray and clearing the space.


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Happy Decorating

October 3, 2023


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