How To Create A Beautiful and Cozy Bedroom



I couldn’t wait to redesign the bedroom in our new home. Since it’s a rental, I’m limited somewhat on how much I can do so I’m relying on lots of textures and layers with the bedding. That is actually the key to a cozy bedroom, layers of texture! You can check out some other ideas from our old home here Simple Steps To Restyle And Refresh A BedroomEasy, Inexpensive Updates For A Bedroom


I’m hoping to do some type of wall treatment on the focal wall, but haven’t quite decided what yet. I’m considering a pretty lime-wash so we will see. For now, I started by switching out our old upholstered bed for our 4 poster we had in a guest room. To make it more updated and chic, I painted it with black chalk paint along with our dresser and love how it looks. It just gave the furniture a fresh new look and added so much drama to the room.


Here’s what it looked like before I painted it.





Here is how it looks now. Can you believe how much pop and sophistication it made in the room?



I also wanted it to feel very warm, cozy and moody. So, I decided to go with a very warm and neutral color pallet to compliment the black. I started with this gorgeous rug to anchor everything and set the tone for the theme of the space. It has such a great mix of color and pattern.



The key to making a great bed is with varying layers. Don’t be afraid to combine a variety of fabric type and patterns. Just be sure to start with a color theme of 3-4 colors and stay within that perimeter to make the layers cohesive. I started with a pretty natural linen comforter with matching Euro shams. Then I layered on a gorgeous patterned coverlet. You can add a quilt or bedspread as well. Then for that final layer I draped a lightweight, chunky blanket 



For the pillows I decided to keep it more minimal than I usually do and create more of a color contrast. So I used the line Euro shams as the backdrop, added 2 textured brown throw pillows and finished it off with a gorgeous lumbar pillow.



Another accessory that can create a cozy vibe in a bedroom is with mirrors. The add reflection of light and pick up all the elements in the room. I added 2 arched mirrors over the nightstands to then reflect off the dresser mirror. I also kept the accents in the room more earthy and warm using pops of soft greenery for some color. Bringing in elements of nature to the room also creates a welcoming feel to a space.





I hope this inspired you to create your own cozy bedroom space. Having your bedroom styled comfortably, helps with your overall health and wellbeing. A cozy space means a great nights sleep and that’s important. You can find all the sources for this look below.



Happy Decorating

July 6, 2023


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