How To Add Beautiful And Simple Winter Decor


One question I get a lot after the holidays is “how to decorate your home after Christmas”. It can be a weird and hard to navigate when you are used to all the glitz, glam and sparkle of the holiday decor. Once it all comes down, your house can feel empty and lose its cozy warm vibe. So here are a few tips I like to suggest when decorating your home after Christmas.


Here are some easy tips and ideas for decorating your home after the holidays…..




Don’t put it away (or all of it) Keep out a few stems and picks that are a pretty simple look with fullness and a winter feel. You can still incorporate them into vases, baskets on trays and even your mantel. 








Keep out those twinkle lights and battery operated candles. You can still have that pretty warm ambiance from Christmas with a few twinkle lights around. The days are still short and the additional light will really cheer up your mood and keep things cozy.



Natural Elements

Items like antlers and pinecones are perfect for vignettes to create texture and visual interest. I love to place them around on trays and in bowls for added charm in my decor.












Add heavy textured pillow of boucle and fur to your sofa and chairs for added coziness. Keep the colors warn and rich and even a bit neutral for added appeal in your spaces. Don’t forget to include pretty throw blankets for snuggling and relaxing.






Pretty seasonal artwork is perfect for winter months. I added this moody forest look and kept out this pretty elk print to keep thing simple and reminders of the pretty things that winter has to offer. 






With just a few simple elements, you can keep that cozy festive vibe in your home a little bit longer…until its’ time to break out the spring time items. You can get more ideas for winter decor in these posts Ideas For Winter Decor In Your HomeHow To Add Cozy Winter Touches To Your Home


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Happy Decorating



January 19, 2023


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