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Do you love to decorate but have a hard time getting started? Do you see a space you love but have a hard time breaking it apart knowing what to buy? Then this post is for you… Sometimes we have an idea of looks we want in our home but have a hard time knowing where to start. That’s where mood or idea boards can be so helpful. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and I even have a tutorial on my Instagram highlights. The best way to really make a vision come to life is with a mood board. This is one that mimics our living room. For an extra bonus, I’ve linked all the shoppable source for you below.


There are usually a few elements I always start with when creating a room. When you can determine what you like with those elements it’s easier to put it all together. Here are some of the items that are my go to pieces when styling a space:


Floor coverings are the anchor for a space. They add texture and color to any area. Rugs are a great way to set the mood and theme for a room depending on the pattern and colors you select. This new rug in our living room has added so much character and really anchored my options for adding colors and lively pieces to the space.



When selecting furniture like chairs and sofas I prefer solid neutral fabrics. That way they are more classic and will be easier to fit in with any decor style changes you may have. Furniture items are more expensive and therefore should be your longest lasting items in the room. Invest in great pieces that will stand the test of time. Then you can change out accessories like pillows, rugs and decor for your color and style items. We’ve had this Pottery Barn slip covered sofa over 10 years and it was so worth the investment. The covers are washable and the style is so classic it’s been easy to change out other items in the room.



Pillows and throws are the perfect way to add the personality to the room. I prefer to use pillow covers with higher quality inserts. It’s a more economical way to make changes to a room. You can just change out the covers and store them on clip hangers for later use. I like to change out my covers seasonally. It gives the room a fresh new vibe as the seasons change and isn’t too expensive to do.


Decorative accents

This is my favorite part of decorating and where you can have the most fun. I like to create and change out vignettes seasonally (sometimes weekly lol!) Decorative accents can easily be changed and switched out to create a mood or seasonal look. You don’t have to buy all new items either. Switch out with other rooms and use things from other spaces in a different way. Essentially shop your home. I like to ad a few new items and mix them up with what I already have.


Greenery & Florals

Adding touches of nature in the form of plants is a great way to add warmth and coziness to any space. This is another inexpensive way to dress up any space. If you don’t have a green thumb (let’s face it keeping plants a live isn’t for everyone) The faux plants these days really look amazing and give so much personality a room.


I hope these tips were helpful and gave you some confidence when creating a home. I want it to be fun and simple for you but most of all make it yours. Don’t worry about rules and what everyone else is doing. Do what makes you and your family happy and don’t worry about what you think you have to do. Be creative and make it yours! 





Happy Decorating

March 15, 2022


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