How To Style A Small Kitchen And Keep It Looking Clutter Free



Styling kitchens can be tricky and I always get so many questions about how to style counters. I have a very small kitchen so creating a pretty kitchen while trying to avoid it looking cluttered (and not functional) can definitely be a challenge. Here are a few of my favorite tips for designing pretty kitchen decor. 



Using trays and risers to elevate items gives height and a better visual that makes items look lighter and less heavy or cluttered on the counters. I use this vintage stand to house a few items next to the coffee maker for convenience. It gives the illusion of less “stuff” on the counters too.



Put Items In Groupings

Instead of spreading things out, group items together. Another riser with cooking oil, salt and pepper and butter dish with a fun lamp creates a great, but functional arrangement. Adding a small lamp is perfect to add ambiance and extra work light, it’s on trend right now too.



Simple Decor


Keep things simple with extra decor by using decorative bowls and fill them with pretty fruit for color. It’s functional and pretty and no need to take up space.



Create a Visual Backdrop

Instead of placing all the decor on the counters, stand items like artwork or cutting boards up against the backsplash for added warmth and texture. Pretty labels on canisters make great decor as well and super functional.



Pretty Containers

To keep things looking styled and neat, find pretty containers to keep by the sink to hold your dish and hand soaps, scrubbers and sponges. Place them on a pretty tray to keep it less cluttered too.



Spotlight Arrangement


Create a pretty arrangement with key items like a beautiful decorative vase, seasonal stems or flowers, pretty everyday dishes and of course a candle for ambiance. 



See not so bad? Hopefully you got a few tips to help you style your kitchen and keep it clutter free…now who’s gonna do the dishes?!

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Happy Decorating



February 2, 2022

  1. Sharon says:

    Is the open shelf cabinet at the open end of your counter, a sock cabinet minus doors??

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