Cozy Neutral Winter Decor Favorites


It’t that weird time of year after Christmas when the house feels empty but it’s too soon for Spring color. I have a few tips on how to keep the cozy vibe and glow from the holidays without making it still feel like Christmas. Here are some pretty items you can add to your home decor to add some character and on trend style.


Creating layers during this time of year will add some bulk to otherwise empty, boring spaces. Here are a few elements I like to use when designing vignettes throughout our home. The key is to mix a variety of textures. I’ll be sharing soon some pretty vignettes using these elements.



Mixing textures is very on trend and a perfect way to style any space. You can get added texture from all kinds of elements. One big trend that still continues to hold strong is the look of artisan pottery and vases. I like to scatter a few varieties of shapes and sizes around our home to spotlight. The beauty is that they are pretty enough to stand alone, or you can add seasonal stems to give additional character. 





Cozy Pillows and blankets are a must for this time of year. Mixing a variety of styles and fabrics give a more designer, chic look in any room.  A few throw blankets in mixed patterns are great ways to add a little warm color . Don’t forget to change out your area rugs too.




Natural Elements


Bring in elements of nature like greenery stems, branches and pinecones. Stems with warm wood tones and deep, rich greens are perfect to give a wintry cozy vibe into your home.






Hopefully these ideas gave you some inpsiration to keep that designer, cozy vibe in your own home. It really only takes a few elements but mixed together, you can create an entire new look that is perfect for the season. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay undated on all the latest posts. I’ll be sharing the latest decor trends and more Winter vignettes coming soon.


Happy Decorating

January 11, 2022

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