Ideas For Creating A Friendsgiving Gathering



Have you heard of the fun tradition Friendsgiving? To me it’s a newer event but I absolutely love the idea. We get so busy during the holidays and I love the thought of gathering friends to show appreciation and have the opportunity, stress free to gather before the busy holiday season. I’ve hosted a few and thy were not only super fun, but very simple. I know my friends loved the idea because they are already asking if there’s one for this year (and the answer is YES, I’m working on it.) Here are 2 past ideas and stay tuned for more.




Idea#1 Rustic Glam



I love the warm texture with this theme. The woods, cream and pops of black. But the wood tones give a casual flare to the look. I wanted it to be casual and more neutral because this was a couples dinner. So keeping things less “fancy” was the goal.



The magnolia leaves really became the star of the table and I love how their bold shape and variety of green and brown worked with all the other colors. I also made really fun party favors that are perfect for Fall and a couples get together. You can get further details on all the ideas here Easy Tips For Hosting the Best Friendsgiving



Apple themed party favors and treats were the perfect way to make our guests feel special and I enjoy making treats that they can take home.



Idea #2 Pumpkin Harvest



I wanted this to be casual and pretty so keeping the color pallet soft was the key. Layers of texture using burlap and cable knit mixed with delicate floral stems gave this a feminine soft vibe. 



I loved personalizing each place setting and making a special gift to place at each spot. I used faux leaves to bring in some pops of color and design. You can get more information about all the details here Ideas To Celebrate A Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) Gathering



Really the only thing you need to do is create a special table, a cute party favor, a simple menu and then enjoy the moment with your dearest friends. Make it relaxing and plan early. You can make it even easier by making it “potluck” or have each person bring their favorite family Thanksgiving dish. 

I hope this inspired you to host your own gathering. Just make it simple and enjoy the process, it will show in your presentation and be so appreciated. I will have more ideas in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.


Happy Entertaining


October 28, 2021


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