Spooky Pumpkin Halloween Mantel

BOO!!! How fun is this? I’m so excited to share my Halloween mantel decor ideas. I just love the simplicity and it was so easy to create. I wanted it to be festive, and simple without a lot of “stuff” I’ve done so many different looks over the years but this is probably my most favorite. If you’re looking for more ideas, you can read this post Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas


This display was so easy and only required a few elements. I found these cute, inexpensive pumpkins at Target. They come with batteries and are lightweight and inexpensive. They have several shapes and sizes and the key is to get a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Also At least 5-7 pumpkins are good for creating the impact but just a few would be just as pretty.



Step 1


I spray painted all the pumpkins with Rustoleum 2X flat white paint. I took 2 light coats giving time in between letting each coat dry.



Step 2

Find a branch in your yard that has a curved shape to it so you can anchor it to flow along and up to give it some height. I wanted it to have the green leaves on it to tie in with the fern greenery on the mantelpiece.



Step 3

Place the pumpkins in various levels. I added a little wooden riser to get some height and them varied the flow of sizes creating a more asymmetrical arrangement. Then I tucked in pieces of ferns to drape over the edge in between the pumpkins. I added the tall faux branch in a clay pot to bring a forest vibe to the fireplace.












Step 4

Add lighting for ambience. I put fairy lights on the branch, batteries i the pumpkins and battery operated candles in the fireplace.




I love how the lights cast shadows on the ceiling, it makes it even more spooky and dramatic.



There are so many fun options for decorating at Halloween. I’ve done spooky and more chic themes and each one is so much fun. Here are also some fun tablescape ideas How To Create A Spooky And Pretty Halloween TableHow To Create A Haunted Forest Soiree Tablescape.


I hope you enjoyed this and got a little inpsiration to do a fun mantel. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss my weekly updates and what’s new around here.





Happy Haunting








Halloween mantel decor ideas

October 12, 2021

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