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This year I’ve been all about upcycling items I already have and give new life to old items. I’m going pretty siple for Halloween decor this year for several reasons. We have our first grandchild on the way any day and I have to start early with Christmas this year. I also am loving the simplicity of Fall decor this year, including Halloween. I already had this faux wheat look wreath and decided to add just a few items to turn it into a Halloween wreath. For more Halloween inspiration you can visit this post Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas



One think I love about this wreath besides how inexpensive it was  is that the items can be removed and reused elsewhere. You only need a few items to create this beauty.


Supplies Needed:

  • Plain Wheat wreath. (mine is from Target)
  • Three crows
  • Black ribbon ( I used 1″ black satin but velvet would be pretty too)
  • Black stem picks and fern. If you can’t find black, you can recycle a few old pieces and spray with black paint.




Step 1

Place the crows  on the wreath first. The ones I purchased have wires on the feet already so it’s easy to attach them. I recommend an odd amount to give more balance. I also wanted an asymmetrical look so I placed them off center. One in the upper top right corner and two on the lower left. I also made sure to use 3 differently posed birds. 



Once you decide where to put them, you can wire their feet to the branches of the wreath.



Step 2

Next, start adding the picks and stems. I love the look of these feathered looking stems and I also added a corkscrew looking piece. I couldn’t find black ferns so I just sprayed a few extra fronds with spray paint. I just tucked all the items into the wreath and anchored them tightly in the wheat. However if you want to use craft or hot glue to secure them you can. I wanted to easily take it apart so I didn’t.






Step 3

Finally add your ribbon. I just tied a loose bow for a simple look but you could create a large bow for a different vibe.





That’s all there is to it and I love the contrast of black and white. It has an elegant vibe to it, which makes it unique. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay up on the latest posts . I have so much holiday content ahead so stay tuned. If you are needed some Halloween party ideas you can check out these posts 4 Haunting Halloween CocktailsHow To Create A Spooky And Pretty Halloween TableHow To Make A Simple Inexpensive Spooky Halloween Wreath


Happy Decorating



October 14, 2021

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