Makeup Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

Hey friends, I shared a few makeup and skincare tutorials on Instagram and so many people loved it I thought I would write a post here for all my buddies who love the blog! These are a few of my go to tips and some ways to avoid common mistakes. I grew up around makeup as my mom owned a cosmetics store for many years. I was trained and taught at a young age and have tried to keep up with the latest and greatest in makeup and products. So along with the tips, I’m sharing sources to some of my favorite products.



Tip #1 Foundation



Starting with a clean, fresh face is super important to get any makeup to look good. So, be sure you get your skin in top condition and prepped before adding any type of makeup.

Mistake #1

If your skin is dry, broken out or not clean you won’t be able to get the full benefits from your makeup and it won’t apply properly.  Also, I like to use the Tinkle face razors once a week to remove peach fuzz and skin cell build up to get a clean base on my skin.

Once my face is clean and moisturized, I add foundation with a sunscreen to protect my skin all day. I love the IT cosmetics CC cream. I start by dotting a small amount in a few areas on my face then use a foundation brush to blend. Then I add the IT bye under eye cream. Be sure its the same or slightly lighter than your skin tone. Adding a lightweight eye cream can help with settling but be sure it’s not too heavy and has time to set and dry. Too light will create a ghostly look to your eyes and not conceal. I use a small brush to dabble the concealer under the eye area and into the corner. Then set your foundation with a lightweight translucent powder or. mineral powder.

Mistake #2

Not blending well! Be sure to use a damp makeup sponge to “bake” the foundation by lightly dabbing all around not rubbing. You want to set the makeup into the pores not smear it around.



Tip #2 Contour & Color



Create a sculpted look with contour then top with color and highlighter . As we age, our skin tends to get an ashy colorless look. If your skin is dryer you can use a cream blush to get a more dewy look. Start with a narrow contour brush and add a bronzer color below the cheek bones. very lightly add then feather upwards with a makeup sponge. Next, add your blush color.

Mistake #3 

Try to keep your blush color in the undertones of your clothes. If you are wearing warmer rust/peach tones, try to stick with a warmer peach undertone color . If wearing pink or blue undertones, wear a rose toned blush. This will avoid the clash of colors and make your makeup look more natural. Also, once my color is added, I use the left over on the brush to lightly create an “E” shape starting on the forehead and bring down to the jaw.

Once you’ve added the color and blended well, top the highest part of your cheekbones, bridge of nose and under the bottom lip. I love to add this cream pot to the nose and above the inner eye brow. Blend well and set with more powder if its a hot or humid day.



Tip #3 Eye Makeup


There are so many options and looks for eye shadow I could do a whole post on it. However, for todays post let’s keep it basic. Be sure the eye area is prepped and no residue or oil is on them or you will fight with creasing. I start with a nice neutral base color like a champagne. Once my eye shadow is applied before I add the mascara, I like to add a finishing spray to set my makeup. I’ve found it really keeps it staying fresher longer throughout the day.

Mistake #4 

One thing in eye shadow that can age your look is using a shimmery color. Stick with matte colors when doing day time makeup. Next I use a Darker color in the crease to give some depth. Just like with blush, be sure to stay in the warm or cool undertones based on what you are wearing to keep it looking more natural. Then you can add a medium shade to the lid and slightly above the dark contour color.

Mistake #5

Not adding any color or refinement to eye brows. As we age, our brows thin especially at the outer corners. Be use to use a soft pencil or powder to fill in the thinning and bare areas. This gives a more youthful look and defines your eyes . It also give a more finished look to your entire eye area. 

Mistake #6

Using eye liner that is too harsh. This hardens your look as well as ages and dates your makeup. Use a soft pencil to line the eyes the natural line of your lashes. If you like liquid, then use a shadow to soften it a bit on the outer corners. 

Next, I use an eyelash curler to give my lashes a little boost then add my mascara letting each coat dry before adding another.


Tip #4 Lips


Another thing that happens as we age is that our lips start thinning and lose some of their natural color. Adding Lip color is important to give a more youthful color and looks as well as balance out the rest of your makeup. Color is more personal but I also recommend the same concept with color as I mentioned with blush and eyes, keep the color tones similar. Peach tones with warmer colors, or rose tones with cooler colors. Also, I think very intense colors can age the look of more mature skin so I prefer softer more neutral nude tones.

Mistake #7

Wearing no lip color or very harsh colors. Keep the colors and look more natural but be sure to line them to give more definition. Lining them all the way across the top lip instead of following the heart shape can give a fuller appearance.


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I hope those tips were helpful and you got some inspiration for some new looks. Makeup can be complicated but if you keep to simple tips and take good care of your skin initially, it can really enhance your all around look. Number one.. be sure to take off your makeup and wash your face every night. It will make a huge difference in the long term look and condition of your skin in years to come. It’s a habit worth sticking to for sure.

I’ve linked some of my tried and true favorite products and I hope that helps give you some new sources to try. As alway, let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help. I’m hoping to include more healthy tips, beauty ideas and overall wellness and lifestyle to my blog as well. If you aren’t subscribed to my weekly newsletter, be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on anything that’s new here.


Happy Beautiful You 









April 6, 2021

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