Four Ways To Create A Simple, On Trend Vase

One of the big decor and design trends this year is artisan pottery. Beautiful bowls and vases that are handmade and have a unique character and design. However, the price point of many can be pretty pricey. I found a few ways to create my own with very little supplies and actually recycling old pieces I was about to give away. You will be surprised how simple they all are and probably want to make one of each. Keep scrolling to see how to make your own beautiful DIY pottery. 


 Rustic Pottery




You won’t believe what I used to make this one. How many of us have glass florist vases piled up in our kitchen cabinet? I seem to have collected quite a few. So I decided to take one and try this plaster method. You can get all the details on how to create this look here How To Turn An Old Pot Into Artisan Pottery Look



I love the character of this one, all the divots and pits and earthy colors . You can use any shape or size. I think two different sizes styled next to each other would be beautiful in a vignette.





Artisan Stone



This look is surprisingly super quick and easy. I started with 2 ceramic pots where I had duplicates. I had them in a donate pile and decided I loved the shape and wanted to give them a new look. You only need 2 items to create this look, a can of black spray paint and a can of stone textured spray paint. You can read all the details and steps here How To Turn An Old Pot Into An Artisian Stone Look








Farmhouse Hobnail




This sweet trendy look is so popular and the big name stores sell them at a high price points. All you need are terra cotta pots and some wooden beads. You can let your creative heart go designing any pattern and color you love. Here are the details on this project How Create A Hobnail planter From A Terra Cotta Pot




French Vintage Charm



I think these are my overall favorites. They would also make beautiful gifts. Using plain terra cotta pots of any shape or style ,you can turn them into these charming French vintage inspired cuties. I love how they turned out and use them every spring in my kitchen.



They look a little more involved and difficult than they really are. You can read about how to create this look here How To Create Vintage Inspired Pots & Make A Simple Topiary



Get ready for spring and (I can’t wait after this winter!)  and all things garden with any of these fun ideas. They make great gifts and people love a custom made gift especially when they are this pretty. I hope this inspired you and you’ll try them all. They are so easy and inexpensive to make it’s definitely doable.


Happy Creating





February 20, 2021


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