Ideas To Create A Festive Christmas Table

It’s time to celebrate all the preparation and work you’ve put into this holiday season. I love creating a special holiday table no matter how many people will be at the table. In this post I’m sharing some easy ideas to give you inspiration for your own table. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just think outside the box and grab things you already have around your home to design a beautiful table.


I put together a few theme ideas for tablescapes. It’s usually easier for me if I can think of a theme or idea for what I want the table to look like. Since I’m going with a lot of natural looking greenery and combining it with black and white, I decided for this first ideas to bring the same look to the table.


Theme Idea #1 Little Houses


One of the trends in Christmas decor is little houses of all shapes and sizes. I thought it would be fun to incorporate that theme on a table.



For the place settings I started with a pine placemat. You could also use greenery stems to frame you charger. Then I added a snowflake placemat on top to bring a pop of white. For contrast I then added a black charger. I love how the dinner plates pop against the black. For more texture I layered the black and white napkin folded between the plate and charger.



Then for some whimsey I added a tiny wreath and house in the center. I love the character this little grouping gives the whole place setting. If you like more color you can always use a colored napkin or a fun print to add another pattern to the table




Then for the centerpiece I laid a creme cable knit runner down the center and layered cedar stems down the table in an S shape. Three large houses with little lights nestled in the greenery finish off the whole look. I also added some candle sticks for additional ambiance.




Creating A Special Holiday Table


Theme #2 Festive Tradition


This table setting is all about mixing patterns and textures. I kept it on the traditional side by using a classic tartan plaid but then added a festive flare my mixing prints in the napkins and dinner plates.



I started with the cedar placemats and black charger. Then I used my holiday dinner plates to bring in some color and whimsey. I’ve had these plates a really long time so I don’t have a source to share. But any printed holiday plate would be fun. 


Creating A Special Holiday Table


To mix more patterns I then added various plaid salad plates and then added another script printed napkin with a cedar napkin ring. What makes this fun is the variety of patterns and what makes it work is keeping the color scheme the same. Using the white, black red and green works well when all the prints are combined. Instead of using name cards, I using a wood letter of the first initial for each guest. I love the unique look it gives the grouping 



For the centerpiece I used more of the cedar stems and then for a pop of simplicity I used black reindeer to tie everything together.

Theme #3 Icy Pine

This is a simple place setting with a crisp, fresh look. I used read cedar to create a “C” shape then set a galvanized charger on top sot the cedar frames the charger. I then added a snowflake placemat. However, You could also create one by cutting a paper snowflake or a large doily. Then I used an accent plate with a pine tree (plates are from Pier One Imports). A simple stripped napkin with a cedar napkin ring ties it all together. For a bit of whimsey and interest I placed these mini houses (purchased in Target dollar spot) to coordinate with the galvanized charger. 


Creating A Special Holiday Table


Theme #4 Festive Flare

Using the same cedar stems to frame a black charger, I added a traditional Christmas holiday dinner plate. I fun accent plate I purchased from the Target dollar spot is the perfect piece to add some whimsey. Then I added a holly printed napkin and to personalize each place setting I tied a little ornament with each persons name on them. The stripe ribbon is a great way to add another print to the look.


Creating A Special Holiday Table


Another look would be to add a name card with a festive candy cane attached and instead of a ribbon, I added these cute holly berry napkin rings.



So I hope these gave you some inspiration to create a fun look for your own table. The point is to have fun with it and think outside the box from your traditional look you always do. Vary layers, textures and patterns and look around your house for fun items to place as a centerpiece. Personalize each place setting and add a small item as a little gift to make everyone feel extra special. 

Thanks so much for all your support this year and following along. I love sharing my love of decor and all things home and that I can inspire you to create a beautiful home. I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday. Thank you for reading these tips on Creating A Special Holiday Table.


Merry Christmas







December 22, 2020


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