How To Organize Everyday Things (my most favorite projects)


Are you a neat freak or just love a good organizing before and after? To me organizing a space is therapeutic and so satisfying. I feel so accomplished and less stressed when things have a place and I can find everything(I like it to look pretty too *wink) Do you ever wonder what happens to those projects you see? Wonder how they are holding up or even practical? Well, heres an update on my 3 recent and favorite projects of organizing eery day things and how they are doing. Be prepared for some good ideas too….

Project #1 Spice Cabinet

I have to admit I was kind of dreading this one but it turned out to not only be my favorite but seriously the best for practicality and use!

It was horrible at first glance, but now it functions at a much higher capacity! For details on everything I did you can read about it here How To Organize A Spice Cabinet



Clearing our all the items and looking at what I had made me realize how embarrassingly old everything was. Old spices don’t do much in spicing up your food when they are expired! LOL




I love not only how practical these jars are but how pretty and neat they look in the cabinet.  I’m crazy about labels too. These are from The Talented Kitchen. You can find them on Amazon!



The turntables make access to it all so easy. I used different sized jars based on how much of a particular spice we normally use and to effectively use as much of the space as possible.



I’m proud to report this space looks exactly the same 3 months later and wow has it made cooking easier and more fun!




Project #2 Craft Room


When my kiddos were really little I had a small craft/sewing rom and I loved that space so much. But in our last home I didn’t have a space to really put all the things in one space and wow did I miss it. Fast forward to this home I decided I need to create a space that I could keep all my craft, decor and sewing items in one place.

Theres nothing more frustrating than not being able to find things or spending money on items you didn’t realize you already had!



I took a little corner of our finished out attic space and created the perfect area to organize everything. It’s been the best. I purchased Ikea cabinets I put together myself. And they are the perfect size for organizing all the things. This little wrapping station was a fun addition too.



When organizing, the best way to stay organized is to use labels. Label everything so it all has a place and you know exactly where to find it. And others know where to put things back. For details of how I completed this project you can read here How To Create An Organized Craft Space




The second tip is to categorize like items together. This is the messy part where things get worse before they get better. I gathered everything in one place to see what my categories would be wand what my storage needs were.



Using a label maker helps too. That way as you place your items you can label the category as you go.




I am pleased to report that things have remained very well organized and I just love this space so much. I can always find what I need and it’s not only saved a lot of time, but  lot of money too. I love being able to shop my home for what I need. (especially handy during this pandemic stay home issue!)


Project #3 Coat/linen closet

Ok if I have to complain about anything relating to our home, it’s the huge lack of closet space. This home doesn’t have a lien closet at all. Can you believe that?! So this small entryway coat closet serves several functions…



Simple over the door shoe holders are perfect for storing jewelry or in our case we use them to store gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses and more. Super handy with the clear pockets to find everything.



Instead of having a large collection of pillows to change out, I purchase pillow covers. Much more affordable and practical. To store them and my table runners, I use clip pant hangers and keep them together by style and season. It keeps them in good shape and super easy to find.



If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I love to play dress up with my table and do tables capes all year round. I always get asked how I store everything. I keep chargers and dishes in my china cabinet but for all the textiles and small accents I use this  Elfa drawer storage piece from The Container Store. I keep all the napkins together by style and color. Also, for finer linens, I like to put all the napkins in a bag indicating how may I have and keep them with the coordinating table cloth. It makes storage easier and planning as well.



In the bottom basket I place all the mini wreaths, small containers and everyday type napkin rings together. My other seasonal napkin rings are kept in the china cabinet.



This whole space has been a lifesaver for finding things when I’m creating tables, or changing linens out. Also it serves 2 purposes, home decor and storage for the family coats and accessories. Double duty closets work as long as you can find easy to use containers and can see through them as well as labeling.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and ideas for organizing your home. I also have a great post on how to organize your jewelry and accessories here What to do with all the jewelry?

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Happy Organizing



July 7, 2020

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you for all these wonderful ideas. An area that I just can’t seem to get a handle on organizing is my refrigerator and freezer. I would love to see any tips you might have on that space.

    • says:

      Hi Robin,

      Oh sure I’d be happy to. I have a collaboration with a refrigerator company soon so it’s coming in the near future.
      Great suggestion and thanks for following along!
      Deborah xoxo

  2. Elly Camron says:

    This Content is very informative for me.

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