Create An Easy Summer Seashell Arrangement


The lazy days of summer are here and I love to add some summer touches to my decor. When I think of summer, I think of the beach. So I love to bring seashells into our home to decorate for the summer months. I made this fun hanging arrangement with all the summer goodness. If you’re wanting to add a simple addition of summer to your decor, this easy summer seashell arrangement is just the perfect summertime touch.


This is a simple and quick project that you can put together in under an hour. 

Supplies you’ll need:

  • hanging basket or basket with a handle (if you want to hang it.)
  • a variety of greenery. I found all of these at Hobby Lobby. I love the delicate seaweed looking piece and the palm leaves add just enough bulk
  • assortment of seashells
  • florist foam
  • glue gun
  • wooden skewers



First I glued a skewer to the inside of the seashell. It’s helpful if you can get the sticks in a variety of lengths to get different heights in the arrangement.



Next, add the florist foam inside the basket. Make sure it is nestled tightly into the basket. The seashells are heavy and need a good support system.



Then, starting with the largest leaves first, create a backdrop for the arrangement. move the leaves around so they are turn different directions just like real plants do. Once you have the backdrop set, start adding pieces of the seaweed branches. Use them to create some height and to break up the other greenery. Then take the smaller bunch and tuck it in the front corner letting it drape off to the side of the basket.




Finally start adding your seashells. Begin with the largest shells first to fit them in making sure you vary the heights. Then add the smaller shells to fill in the gaps. Once you have all the shells added, you can use more of the seaweed to fill in any holes you may have.



And now you have a beautiful summer seashell arrangement to add to your decor. I added mine in the house as a wall hanging but it would be perfect for your front door. You can also make it as a summer centerpiece filling in the shells all the way around the greenery so it looks pretty from all sides.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try one yourself. I also have some fun summer table scape ideas too. You can check out  this Summer Outdoor Table Scape Idea or this Summer Outdoor Table Scape Idea . I also have some outdoor decor ideas How To Create A Welcoming Summer Porch

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Happy Decorating

June 16, 2020

  1. Laura Kellogg says:

    Oh my goodness, what a great idea! I was just thinking today that I need to change my front door wreath. I think I’ll do this. Thanks so much for the tutorial! 🐚


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