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Hey friends, summer is almost here and this is what I’m thinking about… porch sittin’, tea sippin’ , water playin’ fun is up ahead. All the summer things (except mosquitos) make me so happy. We’ve been preparing our outdoor spaces for summer lake life and I thought I’d share some of my favorite “go to” items and tips when I’m styling outdoor spaces….


There are 5 elements I always try to include when putting an outdoor room together. Basiacally treat it as just another room in your house. All thie things that make you happy in your home.

Conversational Furniture



Arrange your furniture in a way that feels comfortable to see your view and chat with others. Make it more intimate by bringing the items all together in a grouping. It doesn’t all have to match, but make sure it fits the needs of your home and family.

This is a new set for us. Our old furniture was on its last leg (literally) so I replaced it with this grouping. It’s way smaller than I had expected and really is only temporary until we can find just what we are looking for. We didn’t have a huge budget with all the other porjects so I got what was afforadble and functional for the time being. I loved the sharp black and clean lines of this style.





Outdoor rugs are the perfect way to bring the cozy vibes an some fun texture to a space. They can really help to bring furiture groupings together and create a cohesive look to the space. I love using them for adding some patterns and color as well.





Pillows are definitley a must! The bring the cozy, comfort and color to the space. There are so many varities and styles out there. We bought these last year, but the color was so classic and neutral I’m using them again this year. TO make it more fun, be sure to mix patterns and prints keeping them in the same color families.





Creating ambiance on the patio at night is the best. That soft summertime glow that makes you want to stay out all night. It adds so much to the mood of a space. I like to use lanterns in a varity of shapes and sizes. Outdoor battery operated candles are perfect for safety and you can set them on timers to go on and off to your liking. Hanging twinkle lights aor string lights is also a wonderful addition. You can create a beautiful canopy above for the perfect sumertime glow


Plants Plants Plants



Di I say plants? why yes of course I did. What better way to bring in all the summer goodness that with beautiful greenery and flowers. With our Texas climate, I love using Boston Ferns. They fill the space with such vibrant color and just say summer to me. 



A variety of greenery and added flowers are perfect for the pops of color and texture to compliment and bring the whole space to life. I also love using herbs because of their wonderful fragrnace and of course funtionality. I love the mix of mint, basil, oregano and dill on my patio.



Outdoor Serveware



A pretty tray with a pitcher, glasses- Plastic of course. I can hear my Gramps now..”no glass by the pool”!! Fun napkins and colorful plates are great to add to your outdoor collection. There are so many great melamine sets out there in all shapes , colors and patterns.

The arrangemtn you see peeking under the glass table is the easiest centerpiece idea. You can find out how to make one yourself in this post How To Create An Easy Summer Centerpiece With Succulents



Most of all, create a space that’s yours with things that make you happy and your guests comfortable. Make everything easy to care for, afterall summertime is about easy breezy vibes, relaxing and taking in all the joys of the season.


Here is a collection of some of my favorite outdoor pieces 




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I hope this got you excited for summer and ready to style your own little oasis outside. Summer is the time to relax and have a more laid back attitude, so why not make a place to hang out just for that? What is your favorite thing about summertime? 

I’d love to hear what your favoirtie thing on the patio is and that this little post gave you some inspiration and ideas. I always love to chat with my followers, so feel free to leave comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss any posts. Now it’s time to get your “chill” on!


Happy Decorating

May 22, 2020

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