How To Make A DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl


Y’all summertime is here (unofficially) and I can’t wait to spend time outside, chillin’ by the lake and having our meals Alfresco. I have always loved the ambiance of fire and really wanted something small for the table that would give a pretty glow and a unique look. So we decided to make our own tabletop fire bowl and I love how it turned out….


Here are the supplies you’ll need

  • Large bucket
  • Large bowl (18″)-I used stainless steel but you could use plastic.
  • Medium bowl (14″)
  • Bag of Quickrete
  • Water
  • Shovel to stir
  • Vaseline or cooking spray
  • Something to weigh the bowl down, rocks or a brick
  • Container of Fire rock or lava rock I used a black lava rock purchased here
  • Tiki bowl or fire gel (in a can)
  • Tiki Torch oil( I used a citronella)






First mix your concrete. Add the mix to the bucket and gradually add water to get the consistency of cake batter. It will look a little chunky because there are rocks in it, that’s okay.



Next, grease the inside of the large bowl. Make sure it’s well covered and greased heavily. Then grease the outside of the smaller bowl.



Once everything is greased and prepared, pout your concrete into the large bowl leaving space at the top. when you press the smaller bowl into the concrete it will rise so be sure to leave plenty of space to to plan for that.



Then, press the smaller bowl down into the wet concrete. Then you’ll need to weigh it down. I just used the container filled with lava rock to set in the bowl and weigh it down. You can also place a board across the top and place some heavy bricks or rocks on top to hold the bowl down.




Here’s a little secret, the first time we made the bow, I only waited 24 hours so when I tipped the bowls over to remove the concrete, it broke into pieces!! Total bummer. So the next time I waited about 3 1/2 days and it was too long so we had a little trouble getting the concrete to release. Be sure to grease the bowl really well and give it about 48 hours before you remove it.

We just turned the bowl upside down onto a towel and then covered the bowl with another towel and used a rubber mallet to tap the bowl and released the concrete.




Next place your tiki container into the center of the bowl . You can also use Fire gel canisters. I wanted to use the container so I could use a citronella scented oil and just refile it. Plus I love the flames they put off.



Then place the rocks all around the the container filling the bowl to the top with the rocks.  There are so many options available for filling the bowl. They have various colored glass rock if you want to add some color. I love the organic look of the black lava rock. 



Then fill your container with the oil and enjoy…







I am so happy with this project and learned a lot. Sometimes a project might start out feeling like a failure but if you can push through and try to figure out what you may have done wrong, they can turn out even better than you expect.



I think this adds so much ambiance and character to the table and I love that it has the citronella smell to keep the bugs away too.



I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to create one your self. Another option if you don’t want to make your own bowl would be to purchase one already made. You can even use a terra cotta pot. Just be sure whatever you select that it’s heat safe.


Shop the Table



I am definitely ready for summer and can’t wait to spend time outside enjoying the lake. If you’re just getting started on sprucing up your outdoor spaces I have a few posts with some syle tips and ideas. You can read this post about  Styling Ideas For Outdoor Spaces Or for some decor ideas How To Create An Easy Summer Centerpiece With Succulents and How To Update An Old Outdoor Tile Table If you are doing some summer entertaining, I have this post to give you some inspiration Summer Outdoor Table Scape Idea

Thanks for following along, I love to hear from my followers so feel free to leave comments and ask questions. I appreciate you all and be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any upcoming posts. Hope you have a wonderful summer season too!!


Happy Decorating




May 26, 2020

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. It is a lovely piece and I hope to try making it.

    • says:

      Hi Barbara,
      So glad you enjoyed it and will make one. It’s such a great outdoor piece to have!


  2. Cayenne Tennerson says:

    This turned out so pretty!! I have added on my list of DIY I like that I dont need my hubby’s help for this project lol
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Tina Taylor says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!

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