How To Create A Garden In A Small Space


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” ~Audrey Hepburn 

Isn’t that such a beautiful thought? For me, spending time in the garden is peaceful and makes me hopeful that I can keep it alive, seriously-lol. I’ve always wanted a fun garden area where I can have flowers for cutting, fresh herbs and yummy vegetables. Our last home had too much shade so I never could grow a successful garden. Welcome to my garden….come see how we turned an ugly wasted space into my special garden space.

Last year I attempted to grow some vegetables in barrels but did not have success. We had a big problem with pests and I think it’s because the area was too covered with vegetation that harbored bugs. This year I had a vision for this space, mentioned it to my husband and next thing you know we were creating a whole new look.

Here is what this space looked like before. I forgot to get a picture before we removed the old junky potting table and compost bin (they were very unsightly!) This was such wasted space and I knew we could make this functional and pretty.



First we removed the grill and I planned out the design. I knew I wanted to start the garden with a row of roses. We had these old edging bricks from the previous owners and to save money decided to just use them here. I laid out the shape I wanted to start a visual of how to design the entire area.




Then I blocked off the area edging on both sides with bricks. Next we put weed killer on the grass and covered the open areas with pea gravel. I love the clean look it gives an outdoor area. It defines the space with some texture and I love hearing it crunch when you walk on it. I aso think it makes a big difference in pest control.

I also really wanted a garden box to create a little “English garden” look with some herbs and cutting flowers. So, we built a raised bed to define that space and give another element and shape to the look of the garden.



To make the garden box you need:

  • 3 2x6x8′ boards to accomodate the size box your making
  • 3 2x6x8′ boards to trim the top
  • garden fabric or plastic
  • a good mix of potting and compost soil

Measure the area to be sure you have the space to fit the plants you want to use and the dimensions of the garden. Keep in mind that if you can access all the way around the box, that you don’t make it too wide and not be able to reach all the plants.











I also wanted to add a little whimsy with some fun garden markers. These were so easy to make.

To make these markers you’ll need wooden stakes, slate tags, jute twine and a water proof chalk pen.

We just drilled a hole about 2 inches from the top and used the twine to tie the tags onto the stake. Then use your chalk pen to write your plant name.









For the vegetables I used large barrels. I love the shape and character they add and are so unexpected for planting gardens. This is the perfect alternative for a small space. The shape makes it easier to configure in almost any area. They can also be placed on a deck or balcony for easy access.



I also wanted some pretty and functional tomato cages. Those wonky metal ones never seem to hold the tomato plant up when they mature. This turned out about 3 times larger than I had expected for some reason. So we improvised and divided it in the center to accommodate 2 separate plants. I love the added wood look it gives to the garden.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • (2) 2x2x8′ boards cut in half
  • (3) 1x2x8′ boards cut as below
    • (6) 1x2x18″
    • (6) 1x2x19.5″
  • Nail gun
  • measuring tape
  • saw
  • stain or wood sealer



Using the long boards and 18″ boards create a ladder placing boards 15″ apart starting at the top




Then use the 19.5″ boards to connect the ladders together. Basically you are creating a box. Then finish to your like with stain or wood sealant.



Another element in the garden that is perfect for small spaces is this fun pallet wall planter we made last summer. It’s perfect for small spaces because it can hold several plants in one spot. I think it would be perfect for planting herbs as well. I like planting a variety of succulents in the pots for easy care. You can get details on how to make one in this post here How To Create A Planter With An Old Pallet



I’m so happy with how this turned out. It has the perfect combination of various heights and elements with the rock, wood, concrete and plants. When creating a garden space, be sure to keep it within your ability to care for. If you are new to gardening, I definitely recommend you start small and then add as you go. 

Gardening is a lot of trial and error and can be a challenge. Be sure to check your plant zone and try getting easy care plants. Also, in the vegetable garden, plant herbs and vegis that you like.




I hope this inspired you to create a garden of your own. Container gardening is a great place to start. Get familiar with plants that are easy to grow and that you know you’ll enjoy. It really can be a great form of therapy to spend time caring for and watching your plants grow. The challenge and accomplishment that comes with growing your own food and flowers is very satisfying.

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Happy Gardening


May 12, 2020

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