How To Create A Simple Spring Arrangement For Your Front Door



Spring is almost here and I can’t wait!! Little signs are popping up everywhere, I have little daffodils and tulips making their appearance. I love the days getting longer, the trees greening up and the beautiful outdoor weather. To kick off my Spring decorating, I made this simple arrangement for your front door, or any area you want to hang a touch of spring.

I love soft neutral colors and didn’t want my arrangement too vibrant. However, if you like a lot of color, go for it! I was going for soft touches of cremes, greens and natural elements. The key to this look is to just arrange the flowers as if they were just placed together and relaxed in the basket.


(all supplies can be purchased at your local craft stores)


  • Hanging Basket
  • Spring floral stems(I used 2)
  • Willow Branches
  • Tulips
  • Grapevine
  • Cascading greenery
  • Bird nest
  • Butterfly
  • Mini eggs
  • Moss
  • Ribbon of your choice (I used a creme satin ribbon)
  • Glue Gun


First, place your floral stems in the back of the basket to the left (I stuffed the bottom of my basket with bubble wrap) Next, place in your willow branches to the side of the floral stems to create the background.


Then, add your cascading greenery to the right corner of the basket letting it naturally flow out the front.


Next, make a loop with your grapevine and wrap a piece around the base to hold it.


After you’ve made the loop, add it to the left side of the basket and nestle part of the base down in.


Once you have the grapevine in, nestle the nest next to it to help anchor the two together in the basket. I just kind of pushed the base of the nest into the opening of the basket. The other items should help to hold it in nicely.

After you have the nest in, you can hot glue your little eggs inside. I selected 3 shades of natural colors in various sizes.


Next, start adding your tulips into the front right of your basket (I used 9) Try to find tulips that have some mobility to be able to bend them. You want them to flow down a little as real tulips do.


Now it’s time to start adding some of the accents. I took a few clumps of moss and attached them on the grapevine in various spots.


Then you can glue your butterfly to the grapevine. You could also glue two or three of various sizes on the branches or even add one to the edge of the nest. Here’s where you can add some pops of color to the arrangement if you want, they come in so many pretty bright colors.


I also added more moss below the bird nest to have it flow beneath it as if it were falling out and I tucked some behind the nest and the grapevine. Then tie a pretty bow and hot glue it to the left side of the basket below the grapevine. I made the tails a little long to let them flow down a bit.


Once you have the arrangement all complete, be sure to separate the floral stems by pulling some of the branches forward to create more dimension instead of it just being flat and straight up


Now your pretty arrangement is ready to hang and show off. I have mine on the front door. You could hang it on any door or any space you want to add some touches of spring to a wall.



I hope this tutorial gave you a little spring fever and inspiration. If you want to see the demo live, you can visit the story highlights on my Instagram page.  I’ll be sharing more Spring decor ideas and stay tuned for some fun Easter table ideas.

Thanks so much for following along, I appreciate your feedback and comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for updates when a new post arrives. I only post once a week so you wont be inundated with emails from me I promise!

Happy Decorating!

March 12, 2019

  1. Judy Feyen says:

    I love your Spring basket…It’s just so welcoming! I use to love to put up a Spring door basket for years, until one year a pair of chickadees decided it made a great place for their nest. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the nest ’cause there was already a tiny egg in it when I found it. Three eggs later, we roped off the front door. We didn’t use that door for some weeks. Finally they were all gone. I now use a big spray of faux flowering branches tied with a pretty bow. The chickadees have investigated it…but nests!

    • says:

      Hi Judy,

      What a cute story. I’ve had birds make nests in my planters before. Hopefully they’ll stay away from my pretty basket, but you never know!
      Thanks so much for following. I have two posts coming up on Easter table scape ideas, so come back soon.


  2. Debbie says:

    Where did you find your basket? Love the welcome sign on it.

    • says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I found it at a local shop. However I did link some on my the “shop my instagram” menu. The link is in my profile bio of my Instagram page. You can also DM me and I can try to get a link for you there.
      Also I will be launching a new site that will always have direct links in the future to find all the products. Hope you’ll come back again, you’ll love the new site for sources!

  3. Portella says:

    Wow! According to Lorri Dyner Design, decorating a living room can fall into one of three budgets: budget, mid-range, and high. Budget is $2,000. Mid-range is $10,000. High-end is $33,000+. It’s awesome that some people manage to do this way cheaper!

  4. Emma sivewright says:

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