How To Make A Simple Succulent Centerpiece



Succulents are all the rage these days for many reasons. They are easy to care for and the variety of shapes, sizes and colors make them a perfect accessory for any home decor. Many craft stores are even selling faux plants, and they look so real, and if the real ones are simple to care for, imagine how easy the fake ones are? ­čśë

There are so many fun ways you can use these beautiful plants in your decor so I thought I’d share a recent centerpiece I made for my outdoor coffee table. I posted it in a photo and had many comments and questions about it, so thought I’d share some details on how I made this simple project. I also have a video of the process in my Instagram story highlights.

Creating this simple centerpiece can also be very inexpensive. Look for sales at your local craft stores for succulents and your other supplies. You can also use real plants just add soil on top of your river rock instead…just remember you’ll need to water it….but with this one, no extra care is needed….BONUS!!! right?!!!

Supplies needed:

*shallow container or pot

*river rock

*glass cylinder

*florist foam

*moss ( I used a beige/gray toned spongy moss)

*variety of sizes, shapes and colors of faux succulents ( I purchased mine from Michaels Craft Store)

*candle ( I used a battery operated, remote control candle) you can use a real or fake variety


Start with a shallow container or base. I’ve had this large round, shallow pot for several years. It’s approximately 4″ deep. I love that it already has a mossy aged look to it. However, you can take a plain clay pot and paint or age it yourself if you like that look for your container. I think the green mossy look goes well with the greens shades of the succulents.

I filled my container with some river rock to add bulk and take up space in the container



Next, place your cylinder in the center of the container




Then place your florist foam around the base of the cylinder so it anchors the glass and fits snuggly to support it.




Then, start placing your succulents around the cylinder right into the florist foam. I like to start with my largest flowers first. Be sure to vary the sizes, textures and colors as you arrange them around the glass. Be careful to get a good variety of plants but watch for the really bright green colors that can make the arrangement look really fake. The more natural and varied the colors are, the more realistic your arrangement will be.





Once you have your plants arranged, it’s time to fill in the gaps with your moss. I like how the creamy beige moss helps all the green shades really pop. Be careful not to use a really bright green moss or it can clash with your succulent plants instead of compliment them.



Once your moss has been added, place your candle inside the cylinder and you are done!






Easy peasy right?! I love a simple, fresh centerpiece for summer and this one is filled with color, texture and variety, and when the candle is lit, so festive and glowing. I hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY. Let me know if you make one yourself and of course please ask┬á questions if something isn’t clear, m’kay?

Happy Decorating friends!

May 30, 2018


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