How to make a pretty table setting mixing prints & patterns


Setting a table for guests is my favorite thing about entertaining, besides having the guests. I feel like it’s that extra touch that makes people feel special and that they are important to you. However, entertaining should not be stressful, it should be about the joy of sharing your table with those you love!

Here are a few tips to set a simple table mixing patterns & textures

Plan ahead and use a theme

  •  If your dinner is around or for a special occasion start with that as a theme. Whatever you do, just make it fun and low key so you don’t stress out! Even if it’s not a particular holiday, still think of a theme to help with your color selection and table decor.  It could be a special flower in bloom, a movie or book you like, a hobby you enjoy for starters. It’s so much easier if you have things that can tell a story. See what items you have around the house to use on your table. Think of things that are unusual or interesting to grab interest or start a conversation. Maybe an heirloom piece passed down from a family member, trinkets from a vacation.

*Because it is summer, I chose a blue/grey color scheme to create a fresh, casual and light atmosphere

how to mix patterns for a summer table

Use one color or color scheme with neutrals

  •  In this case I selected blue, but used the neutral grey and natural tones to keep it soft and tell a color story that is cohesive.


Mix prints of different scales

  •  Mix prints that have different scales but follow the same color story. Pattern mixing is about staying cohesive with your colors and varying the size of the patterns. Something softer with something a little more bold. The place mat has the blue and grey colors that tie the blue plates and grey stripe napkins together. The natural fiber charger softens and neutralizes the look. All of these marry together because of their different textures.


 Have fun with your centerpiece

  • Centerpieces can be anything pertaining to your theme or spot lighting a guest. Be sure they aren’t too tall so your guests can see each other while they are eating. Flowers or greenery are the easiest and best things to add to your table, but they do not have to be the centerpiece. You can add a piece of greenery to your place setting or napkins. Take a clipping from your yard or even use left over faux flowers from your craft drawer and tie them around the glasses. Use an unexpected item to grab interest. I clipped a little rosemary from my herb garden to add to the napkin holder for another textual element. ( and it smells yummy too!)

*I used succulents as my theme for this setting. They are popular right now, easy to care for and I thought it would be fun to let my guess take one home as a little favor. Two in one purpose! *


  • If you don’t have enough of everything for all of your guests, here is where the planning can help you. Gather like things that may go together to add layers and texture. Everything does not have to match, just tell a story. Here I took the salad plate of one print and put it with the dinner plate of an opposing in the same color family.  Then, reverse in on the next setting. Mix your silverware, and dishes and layer things together. Different textures are a great way to tie it all together.


  • You don’t have to use fancy napkins, if you have extra fabric scraps you can cut them with pretty scissors and use those. Try a fancy napkin fold. I only had 4 of the striped so for the other two place settings I used a solid grey and then did a fun fold to add interest.

Here is an easy napkin fold idea

1-Fold napkin in half top to bottom

2-Fold left to right.


3-Take bottom right corner and fold diagnaily to top left corner



4-Flip napkin over



5-Fold bottom 1/2 way up to center



6-The fold top half down over it so you have one long rectangle

7-Tuck bottom right corner on top into bottom right corner underneath


8- Flip it over and you will have the pocket to place utensils in.

Easy Peasy! (you may want to iron your napkin first…I was lazy!)

Hope this helps inspire a fun table setting for your next dinner gig! And feel free to pin and share this post with your buddies….as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!


July 16, 2017


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