Today's new buzz words…fixer upper & demo day!

This is the start of the before and after phase and it will probably go on forever! lol

I’m just going to post all of the before’s from the great room area in this post to give an idea of what I’m working with. I’ll hit the other rooms in future posts, so check back frequently! Right now I have the “basic” quick fix after’s complete, but the little details, decor and changes I really want to do are going to have to come in stages. I mean, unless someone has a secret to how I can hire a magical elf with millions of dollars and works over night, this will take a while. Of course the ideas I have keep me up at night, but my job (I’m a Pilates instructor), lack of time & money will keep me from getting anything done quickly.

I have big, big plans and have to learn (Still!) to take it a day at a time. So I guess what I’m saying is the afters you will see in the next few posts will look totally different in another 6-12 months! If you want to see some before and after’s of our last house, venture down a way and you’ll see those posts. The transition from “old world” to soft cottage/farmhouse look/takes forever!

As you can see all the wood is that orangey oak that’s so dated and boring….

The walls are all a very golden tan, the floors are a “faux”tile linoleum and then there’s the little patch of fake wood square for the dining space…


Also, first thing to go was the “floating” cabinet over the bar. I feel like it just closed off the whole kitchen!

…and don’t get me started on the tile backsplash…it’s nice tile,just Ā a little random, confusing design…not my style! My plan is to do bead board back splash and marble countertops.

Here’s demo day, prep work and some of the paint changes happening…

We started with tearing out that cabinet, taking off all the kitchen cabinet doors and then prepping all the wood space to be painted! We had to tear out the existing floors in prep for the install, not fun! I’ll do another post one day on how we prepped and painted our kitchen cabinets. I did a lot of research but may wait a while to be sure my process holds up!

My son & his fiance were a huge help. Both had never really painted before but they did a great job. We are expecting the whole family to have a little sweat equity in this house!

This is just the beginning of the great room changes. Next up the afters…. Join my email list and you’ll get updates when they post. Don’t worry, I won’t post a million times a week and clutter your box! šŸ˜‰

June 1, 2017

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