What to do with all the jewelry?

Over time it seems like I’ve inherited so many fun jewelry pieces and accessories from friends and family. I’ve kept things that are sentimental, some of little and some of great value. But with that comes the problem, where and how do I store it all? I’ve followed several bloggers with amazing dream closets and decided I’d have to work with what I’ve got. Sometimes I get these visions of something I want to do do or use but that item may not even exist…. So after a ton of research and some creative desperation I found this cool little unit at IKEA and put it together myself! The price was great and the quality and purpose for what was needed made me crazy excited. 
After assembling it, I must have spent an entire day emptying out old jewelry boxes, chests and found items I had totally forgotten about! It was a fun way to reminisce as well!
I’m totally thrilled with how functional it is and love how perfectly it works in my closet. 

For the top 3 drawers I purchased jewelry organizers from The Container Store and the bottom 2 drawers I have scarves and stockings folded. 




January 18, 2015

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