Distractions, distractions, distractions!

I’m still working on this updating my blog thing… But I have spent basically the entire month of September re-painting the entire upstairs (including trim, doors and closets). Since I am trying to get rid of the gold “old world” style, I went with a “greige” soft pallet. However, the trim in our 17 year old house has never been touched up with paint and it was all a dingy white. So fresh white paint was necessary to make the rest of the paint look good(or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment ?) 

Then, throw in company visiting for a week,  our second child moving out and another empty room to decorate, fall decorating, sewing slipcovers and working the Dallas market…Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. 

So here are the updated kitchen pictures I still have not posted. I will be posting all of the updated bedrooms upstairs and the new paint next….


Here are a few peeks at the updated dining room with a few fall touches







October 27, 2014


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