Sweet 16

December is, of course a special month- but for us we have two things to celebrate, Christmas and our sweet baby girl’s birthday. I always try to make her birthday celebration a priority before I think about Christmas. After having 2 boys, planning a birthday for a little girl is a dream for me and for 16 years I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Since we’ve reached the sweet 16 milestone, I wanted to do something special. So, we decided to take her and 11 of her besties to Billy Bobs for some good ole Texas fun! Then the theme evolved into a shabby/cowboy vintage theme- aka burlap and lace. We started the night with Texas BBQ then went for some Texas two step fun. We returned home where the boys joined in for some bonfire/hot chocolate fun.

The cake was made by Jenny Layne bakery complete with a boot and burlap. The goody bags were simple brown lunch sacks with a doily, paper flower and twine…of course filled with girlie things. The Hot chocolate tray contained flavored marshmallows(they have so many yum ones now!) and various other sweets… I used her cowboy boots-super special cause they’re signed by Luke Bryan and Jason Aldeen (lucky girl!) It was a bittersweet day of celebration(after a loonnng day at the DMV for the license-bleh!) I will miss planning the girly parties, but I definitely won’t miss the school carpool lane- so I survived 15 years of school drop off and although I’m sad my kids are quickly becoming adults, I’m actually glad to be finished with school parties, carpool lanes etc. It does go fast and I’m still wondering where the time went, but having young adults in the house is a new and exciting adventure I’m looking forward to….

December 23, 2012

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