How To Create A Beautiful and Festive Christmas Cocoa Bar



Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate? Follow up question..what’s more festive and iconic for the holidays right? You don’t have to have a special place or large area to create a fun spread for your holiday celebrations. I wanted to put a fun little treat bar together for our upcoming family Christmas party and love how this turned out. This would also be fun for the teachers lunch room, the office backroom and more.

Creating a dessert or treat bar can be created so many different ways. There are a few components that make it super fun, festive and simple…


Create a Space

Using a tray or basket is all you really need to make a hot chocolate bar. I used this large round tray to arrange everything. I also added a mug rack to store the mugs and make better use of the space.




You can add all your toppings and stirring sticks right on the tray. Assemble a collection and variety of flavors and options. You can also add syrups and whipping cream. Also, I put the hot chocolate in a jar with a big scoop. Then you can have a thermos or tea pot next to the tray with the hot water.







Cute Add On’s

Marshmallo mug huggers and little ornaments filled with sprinkles are a cute way to dress up the mugs and add an extra special touch.



I also added some festive spoons with Christmas charms to give it a special vibe.



I hope this gave you some fun ideas for creting your own little cocoa bar. You can also find more Christmas inspiration here How To Host A Festive Favorite Things Christmas Gift PartyHow To Set A Beautiful And Festive Christmas TableHow To Host A Festive Favorite Things Christmas Gift Party




Happy Entertaining

December 7, 2023


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