Tips For Creating Cozy Guest Room

Summertime fun is here and so are the guests here at the lake. We are so happy that we can entertain friends and family again this summer. I’ve been busy freshening up our spare bedrooms to get ready for friends and family to visit. I completed the first bedroom recently and you can see all the details in this post Simple Tips To Update A Bedroom. Next we updated this room and wow what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make in a room. When preparing a room there are a few things I always love to add, so here are my tips on preparing for guests in your home.


There are several things that are standard items I add to a room when expecting guests. I like to to make people feel welcome and special when they stay at the lake so I take extra care to prepare the room. Here are a few tips to create a welcoming space for your guests.


Tip #1

Create a welcome tray or basket with essentials to make their stay comfortable. I like to put a collection of items together that will give a little extra love to our guests. 



Tip #2

Add fresh flowers to brighten the room and give a fresh fragrance to the bedside. You can buy store bought or clip flowers and greenery and place them in a pretty vase by the bedside. I just gathered these from the garden and love how cheerful they make the space.



Tip #3

Place a collection of personal or pampering items in a basket such as bath salts, hand cream, etc. In the summer I usually add bug spray and sunscreen for our outside lake time. Any small toiletries will be appreciated by your guests.



Tip #4

Provide some water or beverages like wine or sparkling water and some snacks. I like to add some fresh fruit and granola bars or nuts for late night or early morning snacking. That way they can linger in bed and relax with a snack and drink if needed.



Tip #5

Provide fluffy white towels and linens, tie them with a pretty ribbon and embellish with a flower or greenery. There’s nothing better than a fresh fluffy towel just like at the spa. Adding some toiletries would be another special touch.



Tip #6

Layer with high quality sheets, pillows and bedding. When putting a guest room together, it’s nice if you can select and use your highest quality sheets . Make sure they are a higher thread count and washed in a soft fragrance. Layer on a cozy comforter and provide a great throw blanket in case your guests get cold. Keep it simple and serene with neutral warm colors.



Tip #7

Add warm lighting with lamps or candles. This creates a soft and comforting ambiance. I added some wall sconces with a dimmer as well as battery operated candles to create a warm glow in the room.






When we updated this room, we added a vertical shiplap  feature wall for texture. Then, we painted the entire space in a warm white called Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. I love how soothing and spa like it made the room feel. I used black accents and warm browns for texture and contrast.



Overall you just want a welcoming space that makes your guests feel right at home. A place that they can feel rested and appreciated. Just a few small touches are all you really need to make someone feel special.

Now I’m ready for those visitors to arrive and can’t wait to make memories here at the lake. Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter so yo can stay updated on all the latest posts.


Happy Decorating




tips on preparing for guests in your home

June 5, 2021


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