How To Make A Simple Fern Arrangement For Your Summer Decor


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Yay, summer is finally on its way and it’s time to lighten up the decor and add fresh, simple touches to our home that give a light, airy & relaxed fell to our homes. This year for my summer decor, I’m using warm woods, textures and pretty greenery. I love how ferns give that fresh, light summer feel to a vignette or arrangement. I created this simple centerpiece¬† that can work in any area of your home to add those pretty touches of summer to your decor.



Here’s what you need to create this arrangement:

  • Shallow dish, pot or bowl. (I used a terracotta pot then did a vintage, aged affect to it) If you are going to do this process you will need;
  • Joint compound
  • 2-3 shades of green & gray paint
  • Paint brush
  • Gloves
  • Dome florist block or round cut in half to fit your vessel
  • Package or 2 of various types of moss
  • Glue Gun
  • Faux Fern bush (try to get one with various sizes and shades of leaves on it.




First, I wore gloves to scoop out and spread the joint compound all over the pot to give it texture and look a little “roughed up”. You can visit this post to see more detail on how I completed this process on other pots as well¬†How To Create Vintage Inspired Pots & Make A Simple Topiary




Once the compound is dry, I used the various shades of paint and lightly brushed the pot to give a mossy, aged look to it. Then, after my pot was dry, I placed the florist foam dome snuggly into the pot.




Once the foam was added, I cut open the moss package and pulled out various pieces gluing them to the dome in sections. Be sure to glue different styles in random patterns all the way around the dome.




I just worked my way around the shape gluing different pieces snuggly against each other to cover up any of the foam.




Once the dome is completely covered, you can start adding your fern pieces. I cut the leaves off the bush first with wire cutters making sure I had a long enough stem to stick into the foam.




Be sure to start in the middle with the smaller, lighter and more curled up pieces first, and then work your way towards the outter circle with the larger leaves. This is naturally how a fern would grow with the smaller, newer pieces coming up from the center of the plant.




I preferred to keep mine a little more sparse as to look like a newer plant just blooming. The point is to keep the arrangement light and airy while also being able to see all the shades and textures of the moss.




This really is a very simple and inexpensive, yet unique arrangement to make and will be beautiful to take you all the way through summer with this fresh arrangement in your home.

May 28, 2019

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