Christmas Planning & Color Ideas

It’s that time friends… the stores have had Christmas decor out for months. In order to plan & purchase for your Christmas decor, you really do need to start early. I have a few tips & tricks to share with you that have been very helpful for me over the years. It not only helps you stay organized, but it can save you from making unnecessary purchases.

Here are a few color scheme ideas. You can incorporate these colors into your Christmas decor and create unique style for your trees, mantle, stairways etc. Look for a variety of greenery textures & shades, then use these guides as you purchase ribbon, stockings, wrapping paper, flowers, pillows and other items to bring in the color scheme for the season.

OB-christmas palettes

Planning your Christmas decor ahead of time helps you to collect items you may need and give you inspiration as you decorate your home. It can help alleviate stress and save you a lot of time in the long run. Plus, if you have a plan early, you can take advantage of all the pre-Christmas sales & save some money.

Having a color plan is a great way to change-up and freshen your Christmas decor. Maybe one year you can eliminate one color and add another then switch off the following year. That way you get some variety and your decor feels fresh and updated.

Here are a few tips that help me in preparation for the holiday season:

Tip #1 Take inventory

If you haven’t done this before, I know it sounds like a pain, but if you start this, I promise it will help you remember what you have and what you need. At the end of the season, you have to pack up your decor anyway. So I keep a notepad next to me and as I pack the boxes I number them then right below the number what I am packing in the box. I inspect to be sure there is no damage etc. Also, when packing the boxes, I try to keep items from a certain area or room together. Once I have all the CHristmas decor put away, I make a list of items I may need the following year, such as wrapping paper, lights, ornaments etc. I then will type up the list of all the boxes and keep the file so that the following year, I can pull it up and review everything.

Tip#2 Plan Early

Start early looking through magazines, skimming Pinterest and Instagram for looks that you love and current trends. Most people can’t afford to change their decor every year, but you can alternate looks so it can be changed up. Or, you can just make small changes introducing a new color each year. Keep most of your decor neutral then add a new accent color each year. his year I think rose gold or black and white check.

Tip #3 Make Your Gift List

I also keep a running list from year to year of gifts that I give. That way I can avoid repeating a gift or suggest a new idea I haven’t used before. I also like to decide what I want to make in bulk for neighbors, church friends, groups of friends, hostess gifts etc. I enjoy making homemade gifts when I have a large number of gifts to give. I usually try to keep them under $5 each. I have a few ideas in this post here SIMPLE, CREATIVE FRIEND AND NEIGHBOR GIFT IDEAS I’ll share more gift ideas in an upcoming post.




Tip #4 Purchase supplies

Stock up on tape, twine, command hooks, ribbon and other items that are helpful when decorating . Command hooks are great for using to hang mantles, twine works great to hang on stair railings then your ribbon can really make a big difference in the look of your decor. Be sure to check your supply of wrapping paper to get the best prices early in the season as well as any other decor items you need to replace.

Tip #5 Take your time and try not to overwhelm yourself

Remember the reason for the season and that it’s not a race. Pace yourself and if it’s less stressful, then keep the decor to a minimum. Try to enjoy the process, and if it is too much work, then do just the main areas of your home; the tree, the mantle and a simple bow or greenery at the base of your stairs. Also, just adding twinkle lights to a few areas is festive even without adding greenery or embellishments. You can also get the kids involved. Let them do some fun decorations for their own room and that will give them the joy and excitement in their own space without your entire house needing to be decorated.

I have shared several tutorials on my Instagram stories of tips on hanging greenery on stair banisters, decorating a mantle and the tree. just perusing Pinterest and Instagram can give you the simple inspiration you need to get motivated.

Also, you can visit this blog post to get some Christmas decor ideas. And of course, check back soon for this years home Christmas decor tour ! Christmas Home tour, tips & tricks




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I am working on some really fun table ideas for this year, so stay tuned for more inspiration.

I hope this will get you inspired and prepared for an enjoyable Christmas season and I’m excited to share all my Christmas ideas for you this  year. So stay tuned & sign up for my email list so you won’t miss any of the newest posts.

Happy Decorating!



November 19, 2018


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