Christmas Highlights

The Christmas season seems to come so suddenly after what seems like a long process of preparation, then feels like it went by too quickly. I’m finally getting around to loading and looking through pictures and reflecting on what a great Christmas it really was. I felt more engaged and there was a newness to it, having our oldest son not here to spend it with us, along with the small change in decorations. We kept to the same traditions, but the house just felt a little different this year.

One of my favorite highlights was taking my mom and Daughter to Fort Worth at Sundance Square to see the Nutcracker. It was the most festive and magical evening. I felt like a little girl!



Christmas Eve was quiet, spent going to church and enjoying some family time together in our pj’s watching Christmas movies. So cliche but so cherished!
We missed our oldest child (he was on a ski trip!)


Christmas morning I enjoyed some quiet time in the house waiting for the teenagers to wake up. Wow what a change from the early early wake up calls to see what Santa brought….however, looks like he still made it!


This sweet little girl was very happy with her toy(well technically it was our German Shepherd’s toy) she tends to take all the doggy presents for herself.
The Christmas table felt bare with only 6 people. I made it very simple using traditional Christmas plaid and for fun used some Chalkboard chargers. Our tradition every year after dinner is to “pop” our crackers (an English tradition) filled with a crown, little toy and a joke. It’s such a cheesy moment but one we cherish and look forward to every year.


I was so sad to take down my decorations this year, especially my beautiful new flocked tree. It was the last thing to come down…I contemplated keeping it up until Valentines day, but gave that thought up!
So here’s one last little memory to hold me over until next year, sweet little tree!


On to a new year with all the promise and joy that is to come for us with a milestone birthday, a last child to graduate and the start of what we call “Stage 3” of our journey together.



January 17, 2015


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